It is a very strange type of despot who allows his political opponents to remain out of jail, much less publicly criticize him in front of a free national legislature where one house of that body has also been given permission by said dictator to try and remove him from office.

But then, President Donald Trump is unique in many ways.

Yes, the Democrats closed up their trial arguments on Friday with the gem of Democrat House manager Jerry Nadler accusing Trump of being a “dictator.”

Now we have put up with many flights of fancy from the Democrats. But the claim that they live under a dictatorship, while they flagellate President Trump in front of a global audience, is surely one of their most absurd lines.

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What the Democrats are doing, as previously noted in this space, is a move their ideological ancestors perfected in their heyday in the mid part of the last century. It is the “big lie.”

Repeat the most ridiculous lines often and loud enough, as long as you control the great part of the press, and there are those out there who will buy them regardless of the concept’s strident advocacy for cocoa puffs.

Combine that with the Democrat preference for arbitrary emotion over logic or facts and you have the kind of scenario where adult pundits on various cable news outlets will term Adam Schiff’s trial strategy and delivery as “brilliant” and “inspiring.”

Team Trump states that they did not intend to bring up Hunter Biden to any significant extent in their presentation. But since on Friday the Democrats obsessed on the Bidens, now in rebuttal the GOP has little option but to answer their forward defense on Monday.

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Why the Democrats would do this, knowing full well the GOP would respond and thus put the Bidens center stage, is an interesting question to ponder.

And the plot gets curiouser and curiouser.