President Trump sets a historic precedent by being the first President of the United States to attend the annual March for Life in Washington D.C.

Prior to the noon step-off, conservative policy group Family Research Council hosted a lineup of pro-life influencers who encouraged their digital audiences to advance the cause for life.

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Bethany Bomberger, author of Pro-Life Kids, grilled Planned Parenthood on their less-than family values.

“Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with parenting,” Bethany told Lifeszette. “Since Roe v. Wade we’ve seen hundreds of thousands to millions of mothers experience loss rather than gain from Planned Parenthood.”

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Bethany’s husband, Ryan, founder of the pro-life Radiance Foundation spoke with her regarding the abortion giant’s deceptive narrative:

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“Abortion is fake healthcare. Planned Parenthood isn’t the savior. We already have a Savior and He came to give life, not take it.”

Ryan, who speaks openly about being conceived in rape and opposes rape exceptions to abortion laws, continued to speak about how parents need to take ownership of their kids instead of letting culture raise them:

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“We have to reach our children before a broken world reaches them.”

President of Students for Life of America, Kristan Hawkins, is optimistic about where the federal courts and legislative initiatives are going with abortion.

“If we’re gonna be the first post-Roe generation, this year we just prevail.” Hawkins leads one of the most influential pro-life educational groups in the country.

Hawkins’ message was powerfully coupled with what she says is a responsibility to pursue Christ, raise her family, and abolish abortion.

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Later today tens of thousands of pro-life advocates will march from the National Mall to the Supreme Court in support of life and justice for the unborn. People from across the country fly in every year for the march, which is notably the largest pro-life demonstration in America.

While each year there is some opposition, the levels of conflict remain generally civil. This year, however, could be different since Roe v. Wade is on the chopping block and pro-life victories have plagued the liberal pro-choice agenda at the federal and state levels in this last year alone, making tensions even higher between the two camps.