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Media Lies, Claim Border Wall Fell Over Due to Wind

Many leftist media outlets have been caught in a lie, claiming a portion of the border wall fell over due to high winds, failing to mention that its concrete base hadn’t set.

Border Wall Falls Due to Concrete, Not Wind!

Media organizations, including CNN, NBC News, Huffington Post and others, posted articles and videos relating to a section of the border wall near Mexicali that collapsed due to high gusts of wind near Mexicali. CNN’s headline claimed that [1] “Portion of US border wall in California falls over in high winds and lands on Mexican side,” while NBC ran with [2] “Part of President Trump’s proposed border wall fell over because of high winds.”

The far-left, Buzzfeed-like, NowThis, who create short videos about how awful white people, Donald Trump, and conservatives are, posted a video that waited 30 seconds to tell their audience that the concrete at the bottom of the border wall had not set properly when it blew over.

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While CNN, NBC and NowThis all eventually mentioned the concrete, in a video posted to Twitter, Huffington Post failed to mention the base at all.

“This is Misleading”

Nick Miroff, a border reporter for the Washington Post, called out the media, and CNN specifically in a series of tweets for their coverage of the border wall collapse.

“I get the urge to dunk on the border wall, but this is misleading,” Miroff wrote. “The panels that fell over in the wind were not anchored yet. You can clearly see that in the photo. And adjacent sections did NOT fall, likely because the concrete base had time to harden… When there are issues, flaws, problems etc with the border wall and its construction, we will continue to cover them. This incident was not one of those.”

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Miroff is clearly one of the few honest journalists left in the mainstream media. There are way too many reporters and editors who would have confirmed the headlines and videos that were published about this story, and all of them knew the misleading effect this would have on people who didn’t bother to dig any further.

The media often claims Trump and the border wall are a threat to democracy, but I think the bigger threat is a media that deliberately lies and deceives the public.

This piece originally appeared on ThePoliticalInsider.com [10] and is used by permission.

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