Why? What did she do to upset the unwashed masses of the Left? She took a misleading and manipulative shot at her beloved comrade…and missed.

Here is their fit of pique in all its glory.

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Democrats were not happy.

…and this:

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) had Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) where she wanted him before the debate. She had backed him into a corner and perhaps an outright lie on the no woman can win in 2020 remark.

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

But then at the debate, she got too clever for herself, a common malady for Liz, and not only let him wiggle out of it when CNN gave him a pass but let him pivot to an attack on Trump thereby changing the subject.

She did the absolute worst thing you can in politics: she choked.

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Now Bernie can run free and Liz has to contend with the ire of his indignant minions who pretty much are accusing her of kicking the cane out from under nice old Trotsky.

Warren cannot afford this Twitter storm because she needs every vote she can get in her fight with both Sanders and Joe Biden. With Sanders, she fights for the hearts and minds of the Left. With Biden, for the nomination itself because, as much as we should all want it to ensure a Trump victory, Sanders still has no shot at the big nod.

Though his place as kingmaker looks very assured.