When Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico two years ago it left widespread devastation. It continues to wreak havoc, but this time it the devastation was seen through politics and mismanagement.

A vast amount of relief supplies were found on the island on Saturday in a warehouse in the city of Ponce.

The supplies were originally sent to aid the island and U.S. territory in the initial recovery from Hurricane Maria in September of 2017.

You also may remember that the disaster (and subsequent federal response to it) motivated island politicians, mostly Democrats, to criticize President Trump for supposedly delaying aid to the island out of racism.

One wonders if the same Puerto Rican officials will now realize their own internal bias after the discovery of these supplies that they mismanaged and lost.

The aid should have gone to the people of the island after the storm but got stuck in bureaucracy.

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Should we demand that they issue an apology to the president? Now that proof has surfaced confirming the left as the true criminals, the only answer is that they step down and apologize.

The problem is, that will never happen. The corrupt left will only continue to shift blame.

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The current governor, Wanda Vazquez, has fired two subordinate officials in an attempt to change the subject and shift the blame. That strategy’s likelihood to play out in their favor is diminishing fast.


There is no doubt that Trump and other reputable island politicians will not let her forget that she had ample opportunity to find the supplies during her term in office and chose not to.

When they were found on Saturday by island residents, the warehouse was looted and the supplies finally, in a manner of speaking, reached those who were the intended recipients in the first place.

This isn’t just theoretical reporting for me. I was with the first wave of American Red Cross volunteers who got to Louisiana in September of 2005 to work with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. The storm hit on Monday, August 29th. I was on the ground there the following Sunday.

Logistics and supply management are notoriously in a constant state of flux especially in the beginning stages of any disaster recovery operation.

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To add blatant malfeasance like this, where it takes two years to provide aid to weary residents, and perhaps pilfering for black market sales, makes the much-overplayed debacles of the Katrina relief mission pale by comparison.

Governor Vazquez and her administration have a lot to answer for. One hopes the press will for once do their job and hold them accountable.