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German Feminist Group Torches Pro-Life Journalist’s Car

In a nation with a relatively recent historical record like Germany, you would think the radical Left, given their National Socialist heritage, would refrain from reminding people of their tendency to set fire to things they disdain like books and legislative buildings.

But that precedent matters not to the hard Left in any country, feminists included.

That’s why the clumsily-named “Feminist Autonomous Cell” (it has that robotic student Marxist sound to it typical of the kiddie Left the world over) didn’t think twice last month when they vandalized a church in Tubingen and then set fire to a car outside the church.

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The violent femmes followed that up with torching the SUV of a pro-life journalist. This info according to the Catholic News Agency [2]. They grabbed it from a website called “indymedia”, where the distaff thugs posted their confession of responsibility for the incidents.

The firebug group tried to rationalize a later attack on another church, this one sponsoring a pro-life event, by saying the event featured “fundamentalist, anti-trans, homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynist, patriarchal and right-wing conservative” speakers. There’s that Hun tendency to not take criticism well, again.

I have some personal knowledge of this subject as I was a young soldier stationed in Germany, not far away from Tubingen, during the 80s. I know Tubingen quite well actually. It’s a university town with a school over 500 years old. In the modern era that school has sadly turned into a Bolshie conditioning center and thus a breeding ground for feminist pyromaniacs.

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During my time there we dealt with other violent leftist groups like The Red Army Faction and the Baader-Meinhof Gang. It seems the Feminist Autonomous Cell is taking a toned down leaf from their playbook.

The group sponsoring the pro-life event in Tubingen, The Federal Association for the Right to Life, had something to say about the accusations of the far leftists. The pro-life group stated they “exclusively promote the cause, namely the unrestricted right of any human being to his life, no matter where he comes from, what he looks like, what his religious or political attitude is…”