Over the past four years, singer and actress Cher has shown the world that she has one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome in Hollywood by constantly launching deranged attacks on President Donald Trump on her Twitter page.

She showed this once again on Friday, when she took to Twitter to launch what may just be her worst attack on Trump yet.

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Cher kicked off her latest rant by going after 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer, writing that she “WOULDNT VOTE 4 TOM STEYER IF HE WAS LAST DEMOCRAT ON EARTH. ONLY A PERSON WITH EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE ALLOWED 2 RUN.”

If you’re new to Cher’s Twitter account, you should know that it’s full of misspellings and inexplicable capitalization’s.

Clearly, there is no spelling and grammar test when it comes to making it in the entertainment world!

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Not stopping there, Cher shifted to blasting her favorite target: President Trump.

“Donald trump HAS GUTTED, DESTABILIZED,& BEEN A TRAITOR TO [America] like no other present in history,” the “Believe” the Grammy and Oscar winner wrote. “Being president. of [America] SHOULDN’T BE ABLE 2 BE BOUGHT [money] ON A RICH MAN’S WHIM.”

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This came hours after Cher claimed that Trump gives “bull**** speeches.”

“Why is it When Trump Has to Read One Of His Bull**** Speeches..,” Cher tweeted.

“1.His tongue Swells.
2. His Teeth Get Loose.
3.His Lips Go Numb
4.He Forgets His Nose Spray.
5.He Needs Someone To Hold His Head Up.
6.Needs To Brush Up On English
7.Finish Last Dick & Jane Book.”

As you can tell from her tweets, Cher is the last person who should be telling anyone to “brush up on English.”

Cher and her fellow members of the liberal elite can’t stand Trump because unlike his predecessor Barack Obama, he did not become president to cater to celebrities.

Instead, Trump took office to help real working class Americans, and that’s exactly what he’s done since entering the White House.

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Cher can tweet about Trump as much as she wants to from her Hollywood mansion, but all she’s accomplishing is embarrassing herself and showing the world how ignorant she really is.