Bloomberg Silently Positions Himself to Knock Biden Out and Go Fist to Fist Against Trump

The former New York City Mayor is playing possum and could be positioning himself to face the other New Yorker and President, Donald J. Trump.

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There are many Dems who know that former veep and current front runner Joe Biden has the best chance of beating President Trump in the fall.

If any Dem can beat him.

But there is a potential dagger pointed at the Biden candidacy and surprisingly it is not Biden himself or his own party’s left wing.

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It is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. How?

First, Bloomberg has almost unlimited funds to spend. Second, he is coming in under the radar by skipping Iowa and New Hampshire and focusing on more moderate Dems. Third, Dems want to win bad. Really bad. They see Biden gaffes and wonder how Joe would do in the fall debates.

In a head-to-head battle, which New Yorker do you think would win the Presidency?

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Bloomberg is well spoken and his alleged moderation could attract the roughly 5% of GOP voters who don’t like the president.

Lastly, Dem pros see a cross-party self-funding (Bloomberg served for a time as the GOP mayor of New York City) politician with a lot of money and who is running with a message of “getting it done.”

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Sound like another New Yorker who ran in 2016? Though, without the populism.

So as other Dems spill political blood now, Bloomberg bides his time waiting to spring his southern trap in March with his hundreds of millions in campaign cash, ad purchases, and large and well paid HQ and field staffs.

Then on Super Tuesday, he strikes.

If the Dem left splits up 65% of the left wing primary vote amongst themselves and party leaders get more nervous about Biden, do they turn to the seemingly coherent Bloomberg? Could he top the field with 35% and get the rest by contender attrition?

The Dem hard left would have a fit if that happens. But even AOC knows a hard leftist can’t win in November. Would she and her putrid band cut a deal to get prime slots in a potential Bloomberg administration? Yes.

If Bloomberg loses in November the left also wins internally because they can claim the Dem moderate lost because he wasn’t left enough. That could set up their complete takeover of the party.

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A Trump vs Bloomberg race would give us an autumn match between two New York City moguls with large egos.

The advantage would go to the president because of incumbency and the likely still strong economy going into election day.

However, Bloomberg would at least not be a nitwit.

The same can not be said for the current front runner.

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