Biden and Buttigieg Hope for Lengthy Senate Trial

No participation in the impeachment trials means more time to campaign.

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It’s three days before the biggest game of the new season and the team schedule changes. Only some of the players and going to the game, namely two.

The rest get to watch a training film that they already know ends in their defeat.

Sound fun?

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But that’s the situation Senators Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar find themselves in this upcoming week, as they are confined to the Senate as jurors in the trial of President Trump.

Biden and Buttigieg are the players that get to roam free on the Iowa campaign trail, unimpeded by the dull march to failure that is the Dem effort to convict the president.

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Bennet of Colorado, Steyer, Patrick, and one or two other also rans are also affected. But who cares?

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There are those in DC who posit that the entire reason Nancy Pelosi delayed the process was to help Joe Biden by keeping his main competition chained to their desks as close to the Iowa caucuses as possible. But that assumes that more exposure to Biden garners him more votes. A chancy proposition at best.

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And now that Pelosi has put the ball in the court of Mitch McConnell, the shrewdest operator on Capitol Hill, watch for him to shuck and jive during the trial with tricks and jinks so arcane yet on target that the Dems are left whimpering into their indigenously-grown coffee.

Those maneuvers could keep the show going for a bit if McConnell thinks it’s helping the president.

True, Chuck Schumer may have some tricks of his own up his sleeve. However, they are likely to be in the mold of the last-minute desperate gimmicks the Dems trotted out at the Kavanaugh hearing to stop that confirmation.

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You know, frazzled feminists alleging something or other or, in this case, unknown Ukrainians or DC mandarins spewing charges so malignant but silly that the only people who will coo in awe will be CNN.

The guy who could benefit big time by the absence of the doddering Sanders, the hysterical Warren, and the non-factor Klobuchar is Buttigieg.

He is already doing very well in Iowa and his recent solid debate performance didn’t hurt either.

As Iowa closes in the stakes get bigger. Being on the bench is not a great option for Sanders and Warren. But their enforced disappearance will help those still in the game.

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