Think of some epic mismatches.

Superman vs Catwoman.

This year’s KC Chiefs vs the Browns.

Trump vs the media.

But all those pale in comparison with the absolute unmitigated slaughter bound to ensue when a race hustling Bolshevik Democrat Senator like Elizabeth Warren goes up against a lawyer like Alan Dershowitz.

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For Dershowitz, it would be like pistol whipping a blind rat. You’d think that Liz would retain the basic cognition not to trifle with a legal gunslinger who clears leather that quick. She should know his rep. They both taught at Harvard Law at the same time.

Maybe he just never made it over to her teepee.

However, happily for me, and us, sometimes wishes do come true. Sometimes leftist arrogance overcomes political judgment.

And that brings us to the thrust and inevitably successful parry in the case of Warren v Dershowitz.

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Dershowitz’s presentation in front of the Senate during the Trump impeachment trial on Monday was received well by most. Even Democrats gave him reluctant praise for it. But not Liz. Oh no, her great legal mind found fault with Dershowitz’s reasoning. So, struggling up on her haunches and summoning all the gravitas a phony legal career can instill, she said to reporters on Monday, “His characterization of the law simply is unsupported. He is a criminal law professor who stood in the well of the Senate and talked about how law never inquires into intent and that we should not be using the president’s intent as part of understanding impeachment.”

Oh, poor Liz.

First Dershowitz responded with this.

Then this.

Point, set, game, Dershowitz.

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In case you forgot his general eloquence on the subject of impeachment, let us further edify you, “You cannot turn conduct that is not impeachable into impeachable conduct simply by using words like ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘personal benefit.’ It is inconceivable that the Framers would have intended so politically loaded and promiscuously deployed a term as ‘abuse of power’ to be weaponized as a tool of impeachment. It is precisely the kind of vague, open-ended and subjective term that the Framers feared and rejected,” said Dershowitz. 

The Senate trial resumes Wednesday.

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