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Trump Rallies in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Tuesday Night: Watch the Livestream

President Donald J. Trump

The president is addressing his supporters in a major rally this evening in Hershey, Pennsylvania, beginning at approximately 7 p.m. Eastern.

Pennsylvania, of course, is a major battleground state.

President Donald Trump won the Keystone State [1], and its 20 electoral votes, in 2016.

The dramatic Capitol Hill events of this week thus far include the two articles of impeachment filed against the president [2] by House Democrats β€” but that’s not stopping the president one iota from connecting with American voters.

Nor is it stopping those voters from coming out to see him.

Some people attending tonight’s event have been waiting in line for more than 10 hours.

See this tweet, for example:

Tune in tonight for the rally β€” watch the livestream here: