Let’s face it: Even if you removed President Donald Trump’s booming economy, the Democrats still don’t have a snowball’s chance of winning 2020.

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They seem to have no ideas, no message — and they don’t care about American citizens, as I see it.

Dems are focused on illegal aliens and refugees, and are trying to provide them with as many taxpayer-funded freebies as possible.

Meanwhile, President Trump is working hard for the American people — placing our needs first and rebuilding the middle class that was destroyed by failed globalist policies.

However, add in the booming economy to the equation — and you have a Trump landslide.

Don’t take my word for, it though.

The well-respected Moody’s Analytics, the global financial research group with election prediction models, says so.

And financial experts agree.

Take a look at this information below.

Is this impeachment push against Trump a sham?

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And see this from BizPac Review:

President Donald Trump will skate to a 2020 landslide if the booming economy remains on fire next year. That’s the consensus on Wall Street and according to several different election-prediction models.

Despite the impeachment and the nonstop negative media coverage of his presidency, Trump is galvanizing support in his base and is winning over independent voters on the strength of his sizzling economy.

Mark Zandi is the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, a global financial-research group. He says President Trump will easily win reelection, according to three different economic models that Moody’s used to gauge the 2020 race.

The Moody’s prediction model has been accurate since 1980 — missing only once in its four-decade history. That was in 2016, when it wrongly predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the Electoral College.

“The election is Trump’s to lose,” Zandi told Bloomberg. “Trump wins if the economy and his approval rating are about the same a year from now as today, and turnout is typical.”

Zandi warned that if the economy tanks or the turnout among Democrats surges unexpectedly, then Trump could lose. However, most economists say there is little chance of a near-term recession. Moreover, the stock market is on fire, and unemployment is at record lows.

Furthermore, political pundits have noted that there is a dismal lack of voter enthusiasm for the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates, so a massive spike in voter turnout is unlikely.

In fact, three different Moody’s Analytics prediction models (the Pocketbook Model, the Stock Market Model, and the Unemployment Model) project that Trump will easily surpass his 2016 electoral college landslide against Hillary, when he won by 304-227.

The three prediction models show President Trump getting at least 289 electoral votes, assuming average turnout.

You need a total of 270 votes to win. (source: Bizpacreview)

This is why Democrats are pushing the silly and laughable Trump impeachment sham, in my opinion. They know they can’t beat him fair and square at the ballot box, so they’re hoping to wound him to get some leverage.

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Also, if he does win, they’re hoping the label of impeachment will be enough for them to keep him from nominating anyone to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court when she ultimately retires.

Trust me, they’ll take it all the way to the SCOTUS (and lose).

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