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To Abortion Backers: Ever Held a Newborn? Ever Seen an Ultrasound?

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Remember how it felt when the Empire State Building lit up in pink to “celebrate” that babies could now be killed at 40 weeks in the great State of New York?

This was followed by Gov. Ralph Northam in Virginia describing — in casual and downright creepy detail — how infanticide takes place [1] when a baby survives an abortion.

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From there, America saw state after state race to the bottom to be the most “progressive” and pro-abortion state in the nation.

I sat at my desk, stunned, staring at the screen when I read the initial report.

This new wave of further normalizing abortion and infanticide was literally unbelievable.

Watching Northam, who is a pediatrician, calmly talk about abandoning a baby [2] on the table to die was disgusting.

Watching Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York smile, laugh, and celebrate the most barbaric act of violence [1] against the most defenseless human beings served as a gut check.

People tried to explain why these experts and politicians who dress so well and sound so nice were calmly speaking about declining medical help to a baby girl who survives an abortion.

Or why they were justifying a “need” to abort a fully formed baby as a woman dilated at 39 or 40 weeks.

My advice to anyone attempting to explain their point of view was simple: “STOP.”

As we live our daily lives, raise our kids, take care of our parents, apply to college, work our jobs — we do so to enhance life, to improve life.

When we mow the lawn or attend a nephew’s eighth birthday party at a jungle gym and try a new ice cream, we are enhancing life.

Can Cuomo go into a jungle gym with his nephew the day after signing this bill?

Can he eat ice cream with his kids or grandkids?

I don’t know. But what I do know is that to slaughter a baby or refuse medical attention to a newborn who is minutes old is cruel and barbaric.

It cannot be explained away and is undeserving of any attempt to do so.

We see what a culture of death is capable of: It turns us into monsters.

Do not give the coldhearted the credibility of treating barbarism as worthy of anything other than condemnation.

Call it for what it is: evil.

Point people to reality. Ask them if they have ever seen an ultrasound or held a newborn.

Do not tolerate the intolerance of children.

We must speak up, plainly and lovingly, in our homes, offices, soccer games, or wherever we encounter any defense of these atrocities.

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Panic is at the top and at the bottom of the abortion industry.

But we are not called to cultivate change through fear.

Instead, we pray, fast, trust God, speak, and act.

The devil will never be satisfied with worldly evil, not even with abortion.

He does not just want the baby to die; he also wants to see people justify it and rejoice in it.

We must pray, fast, show up — and love our families.

This article is adapted from the book “To The Heart of the Matter” by Shawn Carney [3] of 40 Days for Life [4] and is used by permission. The book will be released on Feb. 4, 2020.