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Why the Four-Gift Christmas Rule Works for These Parents

Do you despise Christmas shopping?

If you say yes, this is going to change your world.

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Moms and dads on the parenting website Kidspot [2] are raving about a money- and time-saving hack they implement during the holidays every year called the “four-gift [3]” rule.

The rule itself has been around for a while, it seems — but it typically gains traction during the holidays.

It’s pretty easy to follow, too, according to those who champion it.

The idea is that you buy only four presents per recipient — one each of something they “want, need, wear and read.”

“I follow this every year and always end up saving a heap of money, as well as the time spent wondering what to buy,” one mom wrote about the shopping rule.

Those who praise the rule claim it helps them purchase practical and usable gifts — as well as spoil their children with at least one present they really want. [4]

“The ‘Santa’ gift is something they want,” one person revealed on Kidspot of her family’s method for distributing gifts.

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“We’re going to do that this year — trying to have a more minimalist Christmas with quality over quantity,” wrote another person interested in the viral trend.

“It made shopping a whole lot easier,” another wrote.

This piece originally appeared in UpliftingToday.com [6] and is used by permission.

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