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Democrat Ilhan Omar of Minnesota Praises Allah During Catholic Church Ceremony

Ilhan Omar

A video is circulating on the internet showing Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) [1] speaking at a Catholic church, reading from the Quran and praising Allah.

The exact date of the event is unclear, although it appears to be around Christmas last year.

The event reportedly took place at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. (although I am not able to 100 percent confirm this) — and apparently was part of an event the host called “Multi-Prayer Service.”

The church is about two blocks from the Capitol.

Many members of Congress attend when they’re in town.

The church is well-known for being very liberal.

You can watch the video below:

Many people were appalled at what they saw in this video and took to Twitter to share their feelings about the speech, which several people called “blasphemous.”

What follows are many tweets with reactions.

“The priest who allowed her near the altar, an abortion supporter, to speak in a Catholic facility should be reprimanded,” said one person.

“What in the world has happened to the Roman Catholic Church? It has defected from the faith!” said another.

“This is an abomination in churches. Allah is NOT our God, our Savior. Never will I surrender to their religion.”

“Do NOT push this on me,” continued this person on Twitter. “I will fight back. Shame on this ‘church’!”

“I would have walked out,” wrote yet another person.

Here are more reactions.

“That priest should be excommunicated, defrocked and never be allowed to confess this sacrilege.”

“[It’s] Satan‘s disciple speaking.”

“And how this woman got to spread her crap in a Catholic Church raises obvious questions — about the Catholic ‘Church.'”



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