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Anti-Trump CNN Drops to Three-Year Low in Ratings

The public impeachment push against President Donald Trump [1] — a fate that most viewers of CNN likely applaud — did nothing to arrest the network’s recent downward spiral, as CNN dropped to a three-year low in ratings, Adweek reported, [2] for the week that ended on November 25.

Throughout the holiday season, specifically the time around Thanksgiving and Christmas, news ratings drop, due to viewer focus on less weighty programming.

Yet, while CNN experienced a new low, Fox News increased its numbers by 6 percent over the same period last year.

MSNBC, meanwhile, lost 35 percent but didn’t hit a historical abyss.

The prime-time numbers [3] were 2.2 million viewers for Fox News, 1.3 million for MSNBC, and 643,000 for CNN.

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Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, not exactly a media juggernaut, even beat CNN.

The network also hit a five-year low with the vital demographic of 25-to-54-year-olds.

That group of people is important to advertisers because of their high rate of spending.

So advertisers can’t be happy with CNN’s consistent slide.

What is perplexing — and Hollywood runs into the same problem — is that industry analysts know left-wing news fares much worse financially than right-leaning news, such as Fox News — but it’s produced anyway. However, done “right” and appealing to the key demographics as well, even left-wing coverage such as that offered by MSNBC can do relatively well compared to CNN.

So the ratings malady is clearly particular to CNN.

The media and entertainment industries live not only in a cultural and political bubble but in a financial bubble as well. Hollywood churns out PC and leftist films (the “Charlie’s Angels” and all-female “Ghostbusters” remakes come to mind) — and then wonders why those projects tank at the box office.

This is at the same time that director Mel Gibson could not get major investors or a studio sponsor for his 2004 film “The Passion of the Christ.” [4]

So he financed it himself and cleaned up when the film made $370 million in ticket sales.

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It is still the highest grossing R-rated film of all time, and especially so adjusting for inflation.

A sequel is planned.

So if the motivation is not success in ratings and not success in monetary terms, then what is it?

It is, sadly, an overreaching ideology prevalent in the New York and Los Angeles bubble that is so cloistered, so culturally blind and deaf to everyday Americans, that it consistently misjudges the tastes of the majority of the American people when it comes to news and entertainment.

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When it comes to ratings, there is another reason for the issues at CNN [7] as well, as this analyst sees it.

CNN does everything but advertise its closeness to, and its alignment with, left-wing beliefs and Democratic agenda.

But viewers across America in small towns, suburbs, and throughout the nation are not fooled by the charade of an “objective” news source.

And they resent the network’s naked propaganda for the Left and the Dems.