After the Christmas meal dishes are cleared away, many an American family sits down to watch a holiday favorite, the 1946 Frank Capra classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Some cable channels run marathons of the family drama and fantasy flick — considered one of the best films of all time — throughout the day on Christmas.

It’s a treat for those of us who cherish and respect traditional values.

But in certain leftist households, the mood is not so merry — as Christmas Day is seen as just another way that “dead white men” and the oppressive bourgeois majority further persecute the masses.

So how would these social justice warrior holiday mavens watch the Jimmy Stewart classic?

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How would they react to the highly capitalistic film’s romance between Stewart’s George Bailey and Donna Reed’s Mary Hatch?

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With that as a starting point, and with the help of readers Stacy Shea and Paula Plantagenet, here are 10 scenes in “It’s a Wonderful Life” that likely drive the Left insane — and why:

1.) George’s brother, Harry, slaps the maid on the rear: “OMG, he’s sexually harassing a woman of color!”

2.) George looks at Mary in a certain way: “That misogynist is objectifying her!”

3.) On the walk back from the prom, George holds onto Mary’s robe: “That’s so cis oppressive!”

4.) Harry’s new father-in-law gives him a job right out of college: “There’s the evil patriarchy at work!”

5.) Violet Bick, the town tart, is ogled and admired by three men on the street, including George: “She has a right to do what she wants with her own body!”

6.) Mary welcomes the Martinis to their new home with the Italian tradition of bread and wine: “That’s cultural appropriation!”

7.) Mary tells the children to pray for their father: “How dare she impose her religious fanaticism on young children!”

8.) George turns down Henry Potter’s job offer: “He screamed at a disabled person and then smoked tobacco!”

9.) George holds Zuzu’s petals: “The child got those by tearing apart a living, organic being!”

10.) The Martini family has a goat: “That’s such an insensitive ethnic stereotype!”

We miss any? Think of any others?

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