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Warren’s Wily Ways: Most Americans See Right Through the Stories

How can one argue there is not a media double standard, given this latest example of 'telling a tale' and so many others?

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As if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) needed any more questions about her credibility after her dubious claims not long ago that she had been fired as a teacher while pregnant and her longtime boastful “blunders” about her Native-American heritage, she recently told a charter school-supporting voter who had claimed Warren’s children went to private school, “No, my children went to public schools.”

Warren said this at a campaign rally in Atlanta this past Thursday. It was caught on video.

The charter school advocate, a woman named Sarah Carpenter, was placated for the moment and for the cameras.

But the truth is that Warren’s son, for a time, did attend private school.

“Elizabeth’s daughter went to public school. Her son went to public school until 5th grade,” the Warren campaign told Fox News and other outlets after the candidate made that comment.

What Warren neglected — yes — to point out to the school choice activist and all of America is that her son, Alexander, attended the Kirby Hall School in Austin, Texas, in 1986-1987, when he was in the fifth grade.

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The school’s current tuition is $15,000 for grade school; it has graduated tuition rates past that point.

There is nothing wrong with parents procuring the best education they can for their children, of course.

But here, once again, is the Democratic class dichotomy: candidates who claim kinship with the poor while living like the well off.

This is likely the reason for Warren’s sophistry.

Warren also said in her campaign stump speech, until she was called out over it last month, that she had been fired from her first teaching job at the age of 22 because she was “visibly pregnant.”

Records confirm that she resigned from the post.

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And, of course, there’s the “Fauxcahontas” controversy, as publicly commented upon many times by President Donald Trump.

Why do politicians lie about subjects large and small when they know they can so easily be proved wrong today?

The answer, at least for Democrats, seems to be because they are never (or very rarely) held to account when they tell blatant lies.

An example is the current Warren issue. Dems know that anyone who sees or hears that story in the media — that she was lying, or not telling the whole truth, about where her kids went to school — is paying attention to objective or conservative media and likely won’t be voting for her anyway.

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Warren also knows the major media are friendly to her — and that most won’t report a story like this in the first place.

If they do, they will downplay it and/or accuse the GOP of targeting a woman.

So for Warren and her fellow leftists, there is no big downside in saying whatever they please, as I see it — regardless of the veracity. Either way, they won’t pay a great price.

This leaves them free to say mostly anything they want, to use media to promote it — and to use the same media to cover for them when they are caught in a lie.

The major media are willing accomplices in this scam because they are armchair politicians. Not having the determination to follow their leftist ideology into the political ring, they satisfy themselves by acting as the unofficial public relations arm of the Democratic National Committee.

And Dems, by the same token, stroke the press to a point where the media are convinced they’re not merely scribes but political players.

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