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Trump Surprises U.S. Troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving

President Donald J. Trump

In a gesture of generosity and gratitude, President Donald Trump on Thursday made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan to visit and spend time with American troops on Thanksgiving Day.

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The trip was the president’s first to the country.

The visit occurred almost a year after Trump made a surprise visit to our troops stationed in Iraq — his first to a combat zone since he took office.

Some 13,000 or so U.S. personnel are still stationed in Afghanistan to train, advise and assist local forces under a NATO mission and to conduct counterterrorism operations, according to reports.

Trump said this past summer that he aimed to reduce that number. [2]

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The top U.S. general in Afghanistan said last month the total number of troops in the country had decreased by around 2,000 people, NBC News [4] noted.

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