Trump Supporters React to ‘Boring,’ ‘Pointless’ Impeachment Hearing

First day of Democrat Adam Schiff's televised event can be summed up with one word from those who back the president: 'Yawn'

The first day of the public impeachment hearings run by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) can be summed up with one telling word, it seems to me: yawn.

The testimony, which is still ongoing as I write this, has been boring and pointless and has not solicited any “bombshells” or reasoning for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

What we’ve seen on Wednesday, in my view, are two unelected bureaucrats who are mad that President Trump changed the foreign policy direction of the United States (that’s what presidents do, by the way).

The two individuals complained about Trump’s foreign policy — which is hardly what any sane person would call “impeachable.”

Everything that George Kent and Bill Taylor shared were their “opinions” or their “feelings.”

There was no “smoking gun” or facts to back up anything they’ve whimpered about, in my opinion.

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We’re supposed to impeach a sitting president of the United States based on the feelings of a couple of folks who are upset at the new president’s foreign policy?

Trump supporters took to Twitter today to give their assessment of today’s “boring” and “pointless” impeachment hearing.

“As best I can tell by Bill Taylor’s testimony thus far, Trump’s real crime is refusing to delegate the entirety of U.S. foreign policy decision-making to a coterie of unelected career bureaucrats who think the Constitution gives them all power and authority to run the country.”

“Bill Taylor sounds like he got his information from the newspaper. Not even first-hand knowledge,” wrote another person.

“’I heard from a guy, who heard from another guy, whose brother told him that his friend said orange man bad,'” he added.

“All I’m hearing from Taylor is an Establishment NeoCon pissed off that Trump engaged in foreign policy different from previous admins and with which Taylor disagreed,” wrote yet another person.

“Congressional committees are not venting forums for disgruntled former employees.”

“Adam Schiff doesn’t even realize he’s walking everyone into a trap,” said another person.

“And now all the coup-plotters have revealed themselves in public. Air support inbound…”

“Not good for the Democrats’ narrative: George Kent says he raised concerns about Hunter Biden’s Ukraine board position to Joe Biden’s office in 2015,” wrote another.

“William Taylor says that he would ‘not support a policy from the president’ — that he ‘heard’ things. Why does he still have a job?? It is NOT HIS JOB to undermine the ELECTED @POTUS! He should resign or be fired ASAP!!”

“Maybe I heard him wrong but it sure seemed to me that Taylor admitted under oath to advising Ukrainian officials to disregard the president of the United States. I had no idea an acting ambassador sat above POTUS in the foreign policy org chart.”

“‘Mr. Taylor, what did Ambassador Sondland tell you when you called him on September 9th?'” wrote Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.).

“Taylor: ‘He (Sondland) said I was wrong about the President’s intent — that there was no quid pro quo.'”

Nothing says George Kent ‘blew the narrative’ quite like the Democrats’ not asking him any questions. #ImpeachmentHearings.

“We have more proof that Joe Biden lied about not knowing his son, Hunter, was on the Burisma board … George Kent just testified that he raised w/ the VP’s office that ‘Hunter Biden’s status as a board member raised the appearance of conflict of interest.’ Quid Pro Joe exposed!”

“Dedicating this REO Speedwagon classic to the testimony of … Taylor and Kent so far today.”

“Folks, as you listen to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kent today, remember: Neither of these witnesses have any serious firsthand knowledge of the key events. Taylor didn’t even speak to @realDonaldTrump during any of this.”

“Kent admitted he had no firsthand info of any order from POTUS.”

“This ‘impeachment’ is sounding a lot more like a proxy war with Russia than an abuse of power by the president.”

“This is all bull***,” wrote Dan Bongino, a Fox News contributor, on Twitter.

“WE HAVE THE TRANSCRIPT! Thanks. You can all go back to your lives now.”

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