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College Students’ Protest Against Pledge of Allegiance Is the Result of Decades of Conditioning

They're disrespecting the very system that gives them the opportunity to attend the universities they use as a bully pulpit to trash America

The student government at Grand Valley State University in Michigan voted recently to remove the Pledge of Allegiance from its meeting agenda — and then restored it after controversy.

The initial ban by that group follows the same action by the University of Oklahoma’s student government two months ago.

The argument by those who want to remove the pledge from meeting agendas is that it “does not sit well” with a “diverse population,” according to student senator Lansing Sanchez-Castillo at Grand Valley University in the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Another student senator, Ryan Fritz, told Michigan Live that the pledge is “non-inclusive” and makes a lot of students “uncomfortable.”

That is interesting.

Our country has been a diverse nation for a long time.

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The pledge has stood for something far beyond national boundaries.

It stands for common ideals and values.

And that’s the rub.

Perhaps some of these folks don’t share America’s common values.

As for “comfort,” many things in life are uncomfortable.

It was quite uncomfortable at Valley Forge.

It wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops at the Battle of Antietam.

A walk in the park? Not at Tarawa.

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However, men roughly the age of student senators Castillo and Fritz went anyway.

They answered the call to duty because cosseted comfort was not their main goal in life.

The Pledge of Allegiance is non-coercive. No student is forced to stand, to recite it, or to pay it any attention at all.

Students can leave the room; they can do whatever they want as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others.

But, again, apparently that is not enough. This seems to hold true especially for the kind of radicalized students who attend rallies for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and then go to Starbucks on their parents’ credit cards. Oh, yeah — that’s the way to fight “the Man.”

The Left’s “Long March through the Institutions” has worked well. Since the 1960s and before, the Left’s victory in the popular culture and chattering class professions has imbued students and other gullible individuals with a masochistic hate of their own country.

We see it in the airhead speeches of actors at award shows.

We see it in the plots on television and movies.

And here we see it in youngsters who don’t understand the simple proposition that they are disrespecting the very system that gives them the opportunity to attend the college they use as a bully pulpit to trash America and our values.

Those values are included in the Pledge of Allegiance.

After decades of conditioning — it’s no wonder they disdain it.

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David Kamioner
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David Kamioner is a veteran of U.S. Army Intelligence and an honors graduate of the University of Maryland's European Division. He also served with the Pershing Nuclear Brigade and the First Infantry Division. Subsequent to that he worked for two decades as a political consultant, was part of the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina disaster relief effort in Louisiana, ran a homeless shelter for veterans in Philadelphia, and taught as a college instructor. He serves as a Contributing Editor for LifeZette.

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