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Stephen Colbert Creates Entire Routine Around Joe Biden Gaffes

stephen colbert

For late-night hosts and comedians like Stephen Colbert, virtually every political move and statement these days is fodder for a funny routine.

It has been for a long time, of course.

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But on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday night, Colbert apparently couldn’t resist going after current 2020 Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.

The former vice president is famous for making errors of speech [2], or misspeaking, or misremembering dates or details or other facts when he’s on the campaign trail — or worse.

But check out what Colbert had to say during his monologue on Wednesday night.

“And Biden is still leading by double digits nationally, but he has been slipping in the polls in Iowa … But he’s trying to get back into the game.”

“We recently learned that last month, Biden said this to his supporters: ‘I’m asking you to take a look — I’m asking for your help. Commit to caucusing for me on February the fourth.'”

“One problem,” added Colbert.

“The caucuses are February the third.”

“Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter.”

“That’s fine.”

“What matters is the general election — and Joe Biden wants you to go out and vote on November 35th!”

“You walk into that voting booth, you ignore all the buttons with the floor numbers. Just shout ‘Joe Biden’ at the ceiling until the nice fireman comes and rescues you!”

By the way, for those who think Colbert was being too tough on the 77-year-old presidential candidate, here’s a list of some other recent clips illustrating Colbert’s political mockery on stage — all for the sake of “humor,” of course — in which he went after those on the other side of the political aisle.

Check the list out, as compiled by Grabien — and share your thoughts.