Starbucks, Social Justice Warrior, Now Urges Seattle Employees to Vote for Public Safety

Left-leaning corporation is taking a new stance — likely because it had no choice

Sometimes the disconnect between a political ideology and the negative results of those policies is staggering.

But some large “woke” corporations headquartered in leftist urban enclaves — which have eagerly supported social justice candidates and agendas — may finally be making the connection between those whom they elect to run their cities and the street chaos hurting their bottom lines.

Take Starbucks, for instance.

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The Seattle-based coffee Goliath is, according to KUOW, urging its “Seattle employees to weigh ‘public safety’ in casting votes” for city council.

This Monday, Nov. 4, 2019, Starbucks is holding an event called “Wake Up and Vote.”

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It’s talking about the vote, scheduled for the following day, November 5, through which frustrated Seattleites hope to replace many of the current city council members whom they feel are reckless.

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For years, Starbucks has supported left-wing causes and pandered to the Left.

These efforts often insulted conservative customers, such as when the company told gun owners it preferred they not exercise their Second Amendment rights while sipping from double-tall lattés in its stores.

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The issue was about concealed carry — so why even publicize it?

Because the leftist beast must be fed, that’s why.

There have also been several cases of Starbucks employees refusing to serve uniformed police officers. And then there’s the now-infamous case of a Philly Starbucks refusing to allow a uniformed police sergeant to use the restroom.

The company closed 8,000 stores for “sensitivity training” for employees because a manager had refused to allow non-paying black customers to use the restroom. Not so much for cops.

Starbucks also sought to end racism by encouraging its employees to discuss “race relations” with their customers by handwriting “Race Together” on their cups.

No politics, please! Look where the company’s support of leftists has gotten it.

Earlier this year, Howard Schultz, Starbuck’s founder and former CEO, said he would be mounting a presidential campaign.

While saner than many other candidates, he was still going to be competing for the Democratic nomination.

But Schultz reportedly walked away from the campaign idea after former Vice President Joe Biden entered the race (Schultz also referenced the back pain issues he was experiencing). Though ostensibly more mainstream than other Democrat candidates who are openly advocating for socialism, Schultz’s apparent candidate, Biden, still supports many of the far-Left, anti-law-and-order extremes such as open borders, free medical care for illegal aliens, and opposition to ICE doing its job.

And Schultz also supported Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 — so there’s that.

Starbucks has also engaged in equipping some of its virtue-signaling “genderless” restrooms with toxic waste containers for discarded heroin syringes. Employees were frequently finding them on their bathroom floors.

I wonder: If drug addicts won’t throw their needles in the trash, what makes Starbucks think it will negotiate tossing them into a trickier Sharps container?

This writer understands the impetus to protect employees; however, there is also a strong argument that this facilitates and encourages illicit drug use.

The company is serious, though. I’m sure the likely hit to its bottom line and the liability incurred from the risk to its employees and customers is a great motivator. John Kelly, Starbuck’s vice president for public affairs, composed a letter to the company’s thousands of Seattle-area employees. In the letter, Kelly noted that “the decline in [Seattle’s] public safety has forced local leadership to alter store operations to protect our partners and customers.”

I have a good friend who ran one of these Seattle stores for years.

Knowing I was a cop, she would regale me with the frustrations she had as a manager who had to deal on a daily basis with the street people and drug addicts in her store.

Her stories didn’t shock me. After all, cops aren’t strangers to coffee shops or to the chronic miscreants who frequent them. But I know it felt good for her to vent.

John Kelly of Starbucks wrote about the company’s “alterations in operations.”

Talk about an understatement.

Starbucks has had to close some of its stores due to criminal activity. Kelly added, “While closing stores remains a last resort, we may need to repeat that approach given the state of public health and safety in our city.”

In pursuit of more responsive city council members, the company will host informational tables with free coffee samples at 10 Seattle stores.

In his letter, Kelly referred to a report published by DowntownSeattle.org titled, “System Failure: Report on Prolific Offenders in Seattle’s Criminal Justice System.”

The title says it all. Still, some of the language Kelly used shows the problem with left-leaning companies like Starbucks.

For example, Kelly emphasized “providing de-escalation training to partners to help them better manage these challenges with compassion and care.” Wrong emphasis, Starbucks. The company instead needs to manage these challenges with law and order — by calling the police and allowing them to, yes, offer services when appropriate, but also to enforce the law when that’s appropriate.

This is because, in the end, equally holding all people responsible for their bad behavior by enforcing law and order is more compassionate and caring than being a corporate enabler.

Those companies that support leftist social justice warriors for city council — people who establish policies that disrespect laws and police officers — ruin a city’s quality of life and hurt businesses.

Seattle’s few remaining conservatives, which include most rank-and-file cops, have seen this disconnect for years and have predicted these results of Seattle’s lax law enforcement. They’ve warned about the effect of social justice policies on the city’s quality of life and business environment.

So I’m just wondering: In light of Starbucks’ recent “public safety” enlightenment, would it be tacky for Seattle’s cops to say, “We told you so”?

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Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer. He's served as a field training officer and on the East Precinct Community Police Team. He's the author of four books, including "De-Policing America: A Street Cop's View of the Anti-Police State." He's also a contributor to the National Police Association.

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