Stacey Abrams of Georgia Appears to Be Angling for a VP Pick by 2020 Democrats

She lost her race last fall for governor, yet still feels she's qualified and entitled to hold a major political post — now she's turned up in Iowa

Image Credit: Facebook, Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams of Georgia was in Iowa on Monday — and she told her Democratic base she is willing to serve as a vice president for whichever nominee is chosen in the Democratic primary.

Thank you for my afternoon chuckle!

This individual lost her election in her home state in the 2018 midterms — and still feels she is qualified to hold a political post.

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Abrams is just professionally angry, in my view.

Even if she had won her race last fall, she would still be mad and accusing people of various outrages.

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She needs there to be injustice, it seems to me, so she can continue to be outraged about it.

And that’s the problem with many Democrat politicians; they have more invested in preserving inequity than in solving it.

Abrams, like others, seems to draw power from victimhood; it is all she knows.

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If even a few people could substantiate a claim that they were denied their right to vote in Georgia, there would be plenty of law firms ready to file class-action lawsuits on their behalf and then enlist thousands more.

That is not happening, regardless of the stories Abrams fabricates to continue to get attention.

She’s not doesn’t want to run for the Senate or the presidency because she knows she is unelectable.

Instead, it seems she’s hoping to latch onto someone while she’s still playing the “damaged party” from her run for the Georgia governorship.

Here’s how the Washington Examiner explained the latest news: “Abrams is the 45-year-old former Democratic nominee for Georgia governor who lost a close race against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in 2018. She has repeatedly tamped down rumors that a meeting she held in March with Joe Biden, 76, was to discuss running as his number two.”

“Speaking at an event in Iowa on Monday, Abrams said that she would consider joining the ticket of whoever wins the nomination, according to the Daily Iowan.”

“You do not run in a primary for second place, so no, for whatever rumors are out there,” Abrams said, as the Examiner noted.

“However, I’m not in the primary, but you can run as second in the general election, and I am happy to do so with the nominee. That is my answer.”

She still has not gotten over her loss in Georgia and that’s a huge problem.

Remember all the talk about how President Donald Trump should be a good “sport” if he lost the 2016 presidential election to Hillary Clinton?

In typical fashion, the same rules that apply to everyone else never seem to apply to the Left — while the media run full cover and rush to defend their actions at every turn.

Sure, the choice of Stacey Abrams as a Democrat vice president would be a real winner — for the Republicans and Donald Trump, that is!

I dare the Democrats to choose her as a VP candidate — regardless of whether the ticket turns out to be Biden/Adams, Sanders/Adams, Warren/Adams — or Harris/Adams!

Abrams seems to want to promote herself as a VP candidate. But why didn’t reporters ask her how she could be vice president if she’s still claiming the governor’s throne in Georgia?

Think of this, though: Abrams isn’t going to get the chance to be VP because none of the current far-Left, socialist Democrat candidates have even a remote shot at beating Trump in 2020, in my view.

I know that probably hurts many progressive voters who hear that — but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

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