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Someone Forgot to Tell Angry Liberals That ICE’s Fake University Predated President Trump

Trump + Obama

What if you started a college and all the right people enrolled?

Well, that’s just what happened to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) [1] service when it created the fake “University of Farmington.” [2]

Some 250 foreign-born students enrolled in the mythical educational institution that was supposedly located outside of Detroit.

Data used in that sting operation recently led to the arrests of over 90 people primarily for enrolling in a college they was knew was not legitimate in order to maintain their foreign visa status.

Other arrests came before this in similar ICE operations.

Many leftists — including regular critics of ICE — were predictably outraged at the news about this.

But there’s a twist.

Check out the following three examples of their outrage, shared with their followers this week.


Readers will notice that in the first tweet shown above, socialist squad member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) used the term “now.”

Apparently she’s under the impression this practice began only recently.

And actress Milano as well as Sen. Warren — the latter of whom is still hoping to grab the Democratic nomination for the presidency for 2020 — are also livid.

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There’s a big problem with their outrage: The fake school was founded under the left-leaning administration of then-President Barack Obama.

It predates their nemesis, President Donald Trump.

The operation made its first apprehensions in 2016. Funny, though. Not one of the individuals mentioned above criticized Barack Obama when those arrests unfolded. Gee, why could that be?

This follows the confusion about the so-called “kids in cages” issue. Many Trump critics have been asserting he puts children in “cages” in border security detention centers.

In reality, the “cages” are wire mesh enclosures for the express protection of the children — and the enclosures were first used, once again, under the Obama administration.

One of the most recent uses of this misnomer came from former Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland in a Thanksgiving eve verbal tirade [9] on Trump official Ken Cuccinelli at a D.C. bar during a high school reunion.

This practice of intentionally blaming Trump for actions that took place before he entered the White House — and conversely giving credit to Obama for developments achieved under Trump — is not a recent phenomenon.

Dems have claimed regularly that the current economic boom is a result of Obama’s polices — though Obama himself admitted there was “no magic wand” to bring back manufacturing jobs to the United States.

A Forbes magazine [10] report from earlier this year stated, “Over the past two years, with the encouragement of the Trump administration’s red-tape cutting policies and the tax cut and reform law passed in December 2017, manufacturers added 467,000 jobs, more than six times the 73,000 manufacturing jobs added in Obama’s last two years … Looking at Trump’s first two years, the revised Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that more than two manufacturing jobs were added for every one job added in government at the federal, state, and local level. In contrast, under Obama, almost five government jobs were added for every one manufacturing job.”

Dems may continue this scam and hope their own supporters will believe anything they say — and that others, who are not voting for them anyway, will ignore it.

Yet they forget the all-important 5-to-10 percent of swing voters whose support is generally predicated on economic issues.

Those people — those voters — are not so easily fooled.