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Schiff Is Confronted by Citizen Journalist: ‘What Will You Do When the Deep State Can’t Protect You Anymore?’

Adam Schiff

Most of our mainstream media won’t ask people the questions that Americans want answers to, in my opinion.

They refuse to hold people like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Schiff.) responsible for peddling conspiracy theories and tearing this country apart, as I see it — and they treat hoaxes like Russia and Ukraine as “serious news” in order to drive up their ratings and help the deep state do damage to President Donald Trump.

The good news is that the fake news media aren’t winning.

Americans are onto them (thanks in large part to President Trump’s exposure of them).

And we don’t trust the mainstream media to give us facts rather than feelings.

Recently I read an article about how The New York Times started — and about what amazing journalistic standards the publication had at one time.

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One of the main rules of The Times was that under no circumstances would it mix opinion with news.

The New York Times felt those two had to remain separate, so that the publication didn’t trick readers into believing something that was not based in fact.

Those once-amazing journalistic standards have gone out the window, in my view.

This is one reason citizen journalists are so important today.

And this one here, as shown below — clad in a bright red MAGA hat — did a fantastic job.

CJ Truth [2]” confronted Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and asked him several very poignant questions, starting with, “Why did you lie about Russia and Ukraine?”

He then asked Schiff what he was going to do when the deep state couldn’t protect him anymore — a reference perhaps to the upcoming Senate trial against Trump, during which Schiff would be “fair game.”


You can watch the video below:

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