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San Francisco, by Electing a Certain District Attorney, Takes a Stand for a Divided House

The voters of San Francisco [1] last week made a decision about the way they want to live.

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In a democracy, they fully have that right and responsibility.

And when they exercised the right, they deliberately elected Chesa Boudin as their district attorney.

Boudin comes from an interesting background, shall we say.

His parents were members of the far-Left Weather Underground.

But a person is not the sum total of his or her parents, of course.

Or of his adopted parents — one of whom, Bill Ayers, launched the political career of former President Barack Obama from his living room.

Or of his grandfather — who was a lawyer for Fidel Castro and a member of the Communist Party of the USA.

Boudin could have risen above the murder of innocent people, the hatred for the very democracy that has elected him to office.

But he has chosen not to do so, telling the sympathetic New York Times that he was “sad that my parents have to suffer what they have to suffer on a daily basis” because they were “dedicated to fighting U.S. imperialism around the world.”

By the way, that “fighting U.S. imperialism”?

Infant Chesa’s mom and dad robbed a Brinks armored car in 1981 — killing three innocent men in the process.

Two were police officers; one was a private security guard.

When his mom Kathy Boudin was paroled in 2003, she said she committed the robbery out of “white guilt.”

Not surprising a New York parole board would buy that.

(One of her victims, Army vet and police officer Waverly Brown, was black, by the way.)

So this man, Chesa Boudin, with this background — a man who never prosecuted a case in his life, by the way — is now the D.A. of San Francisco.

And the usual suspects applauded his election.

See this tweet for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), for example.

The fact of Boudin’s election says more about San Francisco than it does about him.

A city of tech billionaires and public defecation, San Francisco has become a living performance art exhibit [7].

It has a few very rich people surrounded by the filth and degradation of the abysmally destitute.

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In San Francisco, hipster hedge-fund royalty dodges the advances of the growing panhandling class.

Silicone Valley moguls walk by tent cities of the homeless and don’t bat an eye.

It’s truly a left-wing town, where the middle class has been driven out by sky-high housing costs and cultural suicide.

But it is not alone. Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Portland, and other U.S. cities are in the same downward spiral.

By such, they have consciously made a statement to the rest of America: We are not like you. We choose to live this way.

Tulsa, Miami, Charlotte, and many other places in America like them do not share San Francisco’s values.

They prize law-and-order and public health.

They have a strong and vibrant middle class — and a person doesn’t have to walk around mounds of human waste in the streets.

So it brings up an interesting question.

How long can two peoples, far past the divide of blue and red states — who have diametrically opposed values and belief systems — continue to operate under and show allegiance to the same system, to the same flag?

How long before a least one realizes that if there is not some commonality of basic ideals, then they are not a nation anymore but merely inhabiting the same national real estate?