Speaking on Friday morning on the Fox News Channel’s program “America’s Newsroom,” Pam Bondi, the White House’s adviser on impeachment, had blunt words about the House Intelligence Committee’s five days of televised hearings into President Donald Trump’s activities regarding Ukraine and the investigation he asked for in regard to past corruption in that country.

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“Well, it was a bunch of nothing, and it was a sham,” Bondi said of the public hearings led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

“Let me explain why,” she said.

“President Trump — then-candidate Trump — has always run on a strong platform of anti-corruption, not only domestically, but also abroad. And we all know that Ukraine had incredible corruption. We get President [Volodymr] Zelensky elected. He promised he was going to be an anti-corruption president, but he was untested. Parliament wasn’t even seated until later, much later.”

“So, we had to see what President Zelensky was going to do.”

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“What did he do?” she continued. “He came in and started fulfilling those promises.”

“He got rid of the prosecutor general, put a good one in place. He got rid of the immunity that Parliament was given. And he continued to do good things and start proving himself.”

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“At the same time, what are we doing?” she went on. “We are in — [which was] reported widely — talks with the Taliban on peace talks that eventually broke down, handling many, many world events. President Trump said there was no quid pro quo. President Zelensky said he was not pressured.”

“In fact, an investigation was never even opened. And $400 million in relief, lethal aid, not only just blanket aid — what President Obama did — but lethal aid was given to the Ukraine.”

“That’s it. That’s the end of story.”

Bondi also commented on the news that President Donald Trump is already preparing for a possible Senate trial on impeachment, assuming the House passes articles of impeachment against him, which from all analyses it seems likely to do.

“Well, the president, of course, wants a trial because we’ve been in a sham court,” said Bondi.

“You know, weeks of a private testimony is how all this started in a bunker [in Capitol Hill] where Republicans weren’t even allowed in the door. That’s how this gets started. Then they cherry-pick certain parts of testimony to put in the public hearing only after they were pressured by Congress to do so.”

“And the president has not even been afforded any rights. You know, they’re saying, come in here and prove your innocence. That’s outrageous in the world in which we live that this is happening.”

“So, of course, the president wants to hear from Adam Schiff,” she added.

“After everything he did, he should be very nervous. Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, all these people — Burisma, the corporation, all of these people — to show President Trump did nothing wrong. He’s very adamant about that. We’re very adamant about that. There is nothing there.”

Bondi also insisted that “the president did nothing wrong.”

And regarding the new charge of “bribery” that Democrats have been mentioning lately, she added, “First of all, bribery doesn’t even apply here. That’s not the definition of bribery. But what was it before they changed the term? Because they used a focus group. The Democrats used a focus group and ‘quid pro quo’ didn’t poll well. Bribery sounded better. It sounded tougher.”

“So now they switched to bribery. This is outrageous in our country that this is happening to a sitting president.”

She also noted that it’s the president’s “duty to fight corruption, especially if we’re going to give $400 million of lethal aid, not just blanket aid, lethal aid, to the Ukrainians.”

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