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Nunes Speaks of ‘Core Mistruth’ at Heart of Dems’ Impeachment Drive

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, came out with guns blazing as he began questioning both Bill Taylor, acting ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, deputy assistant secretary of State for Europe and Eastern Europe, on Wednesday during the televised live hearings on the impeachment push against President Donald Trump.

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He focused almost solely on Taylor in his questioning during his early period of time.

And he stated, as part of his remarks, that it was Trump’s intention to get to the bottom of corruption with regard to the 2016 election — and that this is the core point to be known.

He called the president’s July 25 phone call “routine” and noted that the Ukrainian president said he did not feel pressured into launching investigations on his political opponents.

“The Democrats are not trying to find the facts, they are trying to invent a narrative,” said Nunes.

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