Lori Loughlin Digs Her Heels In, Will Plead ‘Not Guilty’ to Latest Charge in College Scandal

Actress and her husband responded on Friday to the new accusation

Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, were both slapped with a new charge in the federal case on October 22 — bringing the count now to three.

Their legal team on Friday said the couple plans to plead not guilty to the charge of conspiring “to commit federal program bribery by bribing employees of the University of Southern California (USC) to facilitate their children’s admission.”

Loughlin says she and her husband are not guilty, that they “just wanted the best for their daughters.”

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But federal prosecutors say they are liable, given the evidence (emails, phone recordings, money transfers, pictures falsely showing daughters as expert rowers, and more).

The powers that be are not going to be happy — nor are they likely to go easy on this pair for forcing them to prove what everyone already knows: They’re guilty, in my view, given everything that’s been presented.

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They should have accepted a plea deal, as I see it.

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I wonder if the well-known actress realizes that when she’s in prison, officials won’t let her wear designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.

I wonder if she also realizes that the other inmates aren’t going to show her much mercy, either.

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They’re likely to be a little ticked that she “had it all” — and let nothing more than narcissism put her in her present situation.

She knew she was doing wrong, so why get the kids involved?

A plea deal was her best bet — again, in my opinion.

How many other students lost out on scholarships because of this situation? This family had enough money to send their daughters to any college — yet they lied to get them into the “right” school.

They are reprehensible, in my book.

A lot of people said actress Felicity Huffman got a slap on the wrist for her situation, but the point of jail or prison time is to make sure people won’t commit crimes again.

I feel confident that Huffman will never try anything like this again — so the punishment was successful.

With Loughlin, I’m not sure those same two weeks wouldn’t have worked. It’s obvious they’re in denial and truly feel they did nothing wrong — and, consequently, might do it again.

I think we’re looking at a minimum of one year in federal prison for her and her husband. Maybe that type of time will set in and make her understand what she did was wrong.

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