Joe Biden’s Uneasy Week: Gaffes, Hecklers and More

Former vice president encountered a less-than-friendly crowd in South Carolina, but that wasn't all

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After the bumbling performance of former Vice President Joe Biden at the Democratic debate in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday night, one would think his 2020 campaign staff would have filled its headache quota for the week.

Think again.

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At an appearance on Thursday at a town hall event at Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina, Biden encountered a heckler who confronted him with a legitimate statistic: More illegal immigrants were deported under the first two years of the Obama administration than were deported in the first two years of the Trump administration.

Biden was in South Carolina because it plays a prominent part in the Democrat primary season.

All Biden could muster in response to the heckler’s challenge was an angry, “You should vote for Trump. You should vote for Trump,” as he walked away from the man.

Should Trump keep building the wall?

That, of course, made no sense as the heckler — a leftwing activist identified as Carlos Rojas Rodriguez — who was attacking Biden from the Left, not the Right.

Boosted by others aligned with him throughout the crowd, the man then demanded that if the former vice president were elected president, he should put an end to all deportations of illegal aliens.

Biden’s answer was courageously defiant: “I will not stop all deportations. If you commit a crime, that’s a felony,” he said into the microphone as the encounter became increasingly hostile.

His staff may have breathed a slight sigh of relief at Biden’s strong comeback — though they know his moderate stance on the issue will cost him with the leftist wing of the party, which is in the driver’s seat among Democrats right now.

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They also know it will make him a bigger target for such leftist candidates as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

But then Biden doubled down: “No matter what happens, if someone commits perjury, they should be deported.”



You can hear exactly what was said in this video tweeted below:

As a former political operative who has worked media and management in political campaigns for close to 20 years, I can tell you at that point the media and communications staff googled the location of the nearest bar.

But the gaffes were not over.

The encounters were not over.

After Biden said, “There will be no family separations under my … as president of the United States,” a member of the crowd responded to that line with, “That’s a lie.”

The sole riposte Biden could come up with was, “That’s a lie, you said?”

The audience erupted yet again.

Biden topped off the performance with, “The separations of families and putting kids in cages is brutal.”

The “cages” are, in fact, wire mesh security enclosures for the safety of the children.

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The practice of using them was begun during the Obama administration, not during the Trump administration.

Biden was vice president of the Obama administration for eight years.

Apparently, that has slipped his mind.

And then, there was one more uncomfortable incident for Biden this week.

Check this out:

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