Jeff Sessions, former attorney general for President Donald Trump and now someone who’s tossed his hat in the ring for a Senate seat (again) in Alabama, appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday night.

And in no uncertain terms, he shared his thoughts about the impeachment push currently going on in the House, as led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

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“I agree with Ken Starr: This is a very serious time for America,” said Sessions to host Laura Ingraham. “It does not appear to me that they [the Democrats] have the kind of evidence that would justify going forward. I called it a show trial. What’s a show trial? When you decided the person is guilty — and then you pretend to have a trial, and for show.”

“So, this is the kind of thing that’s, I think, concerning to a lot of people,” he added. “The Constitution says impeachment is not anything Congress says it is. It says it’s for conviction of treason, bribery, high crimes, and misdemeanors. Those are restraining laws in our Constitution that restrain Congress, and they need to be faithful to their responsibilities. Fundamentally, I would just urge our Democratic members of Congress to think deeply about the future of this country, the danger to this republic that would occur if we continue to prosecute people basically because we don’t like them or we have a political disagreement.”

“Senator, what more can members of the Republican Party serving in Congress today do for this president and for his agenda that they’re not doing, perhaps?” asked Ingraham. “I’m not trying to criticize, but maybe a little advice of what they can do better or more to help this administration,” she said.

Sessions replied, “We have to take the case to the people … on all the issues he’s advocating, like ending illegality at the border, standing up to China, being more restrained in the deployment of American forces around the globe in hostile places. On this impeachment, I think they’ve got to speak out pretty aggressively and say, ‘Where’s the beef? What is the charge? Does it meet the constitutional standards?’ and be open about that.”

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“I think we have a lot of members that are, so hopefully — but that message needs to be strongly put out there, and Republicans need to be confident that if the evidence does not support impeachment, they’re perfectly safe, and it’s the honorable thing to — the only thing to do is oppose impeachment.”

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Ingraham asked him, “Are you glad you left the Senate to go work in the Trump administration [as attorney general]? Are you glad that you made that decision?”

Said Sessions, “I don’t look back on those kinds of matters. I made the decision I thought was right at the time. A lot of people think all we did was deal with Russia, but we had a tremendous revitalization of federal criminal prosecutions throughout the country, a revitalization of partnerships with our state and local allies. We stood up for religious liberty and issued a new policy. We helped the president appoint the best group of federal judges ever been appointed. We advanced his agenda; we reduced regulations.”

“So, there was so much that was done,” he added. “We started a new group to intensify our efforts to prosecute fraud in the IT networks and particularly China. So, [there were] a lot of good things that occurred. And I had 15 years in the department, I knew a lot about it, and I feel like we did a good job. And now I have an opportunity to seek the Senate seat again, and I’ll be pleased to ask the people of Alabama to give me that opportunity.”

Ingraham then asked him, “Is there anything you’d like to say to him [the president] tonight?”

Sessions responded, “He didn’t have a better supporter in the United States Senate than when I was there. I was his first supporter in the United States Senate, and if I go back to the United States Senate, he won’t have a more aggressive, determined supporter when I get back.”

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Sessions also said, “I tell you, this president has moved a conservative agenda in a host of areas. He cut taxes. Isn’t that conservative? He stands up for America First throughout the world. Isn’t that good? Defending American manufacturing against cheating by China and other countries — isn’t that conservative and lawful?”

“He’s trying to defend our borders in a way that affects the rule of law in America. So I just think he’s been conservative consistently to a degree I think very few people expected — but most importantly, he’s been effective and faithful in what he promised. He told the American people what he would do. A lot of people doubted he would do it, but he’s done it better than almost any president in my lifetime.”

“Do you think you’ll ultimately get his endorsement [for the Senate]?” asked Ingraham.

“I hope so. Certainly I’m going to work for that,” replied Sessions.

See the entire interview here — and share your thoughts.