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Influx of Illegal Immigrants Is Partly What’s Driving Some Californians to Flee to Idaho

With some parts of California spiraling into socialism and public health nightmares [1], it is only natural that many smart citizens are leaving in droves.

One of the destinations of these folks is Idaho, a conservative state whose politics are in stark contrast with those of California.

That’s why it’s become a mecca for those leaving California for a less extreme social and political climate.

LifeZette talked to one person who is leaving Southern California for Meridian, Idaho.

“You run into daily interactions with people around my small hometown in Southern California who are in the process of looking for a home in Idaho,” this person told LifeZette.

“They don’t feel comfortable anymore in California because of failing schools, loss of medical services, and high taxes, all at least partially due to of the influx of illegal aliens.”

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What has been the reception in Idaho?

“People have been so nice here — even just knowing we were there visiting to look for a home to buy. It’s only been kindness.”

But not everyone is happy about the march of Californians to the Gem State.

One mayoral candidate in Boise, Idaho, is dead-set against the whole idea.

See this tweet with more on that:

Wayne Richey was a mayoral candidate in a municipal election last week.

He garnered only 2 percent of the vote on an anti-growth and long-time resident-friendly property tax proposal.

He came in fifth.

However, he is far from alone in thinking Idaho is not served well by the number of Californians moving there.

Over 70 percent of Idahoans surveyed in a 2018 poll conducted by Boise State University said the region was growing at an alarming rate.

In 2016, the number of those answering that way was only 50 percent.

Some of the concern is purely political.

Idahoans feel Californians will just export the socialistic mess they left behind.

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They look at other states such as Colorado and Nevada that used to be solidly red states — until Californians who moved there made them purple and leaning blue.

Some of it is cultural, of course, a natural feeling on the part of Idahoans that anyone who moves there should embrace the state and its traditional lifestyle.

Otherwise, why would they want to live there in the first place?

Rev. Bill Roscoe, a California transplant himself who lives in Boise, put it this way to The Los Angeles Times: “If you come here and love it, everything’s fine. If you come here and fly that California flag in your driveway and have stickers on your car that say, ‘Santa Cruz,’ there’s going to be some hard feelings.”

It is unlikely the California exodus will abate any time soon, given the extreme left-wing policies that have become predominant in many cities in the Golden State.

Idahoans really have no choice but to live with it — and hope against hope that California’s overwhelming and increasingly intrinsic problems stay in California.