Impeachment ‘Is Not the Soap Opera Americans Want to Watch’

House Democrats this week will host eight more witnesses as people's eyes are glazing over at the 'hypocrisy,' noted a Fox News panel

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“People don’t care about what they [the Democrats] are doing” with this current “impeachment inquiry,” said Katrina Pierson to host Steve Hilton on the Fox News weekly program “The Next Revolution” on Sunday.

Pierson is a senior adviser to President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

She also noted that Democrats are trying to paint everyone who supports the president within his administration as an “evil person.”

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Many Americans feel this is another “witch hunt” against the president — after the Robert Mueller investigation and more, she said.

“We all know impeachment is a soap opera — it’s just not the soap opera that Americans want to watch, as a matter of fact,” said another guest on the Hilton panel, Rob Smith of Turning Point USA, on Sunday night.

Should President Donald Trump be impeached?

“It’s not even interesting or entertaining,” Pierson replied. “You bring up witnesses who didn’t witness anything. There’s just no ‘there’ there. Even if there was something that we could talk about and debate — but there just really isn’t anything there.”

“President Trump was right. He made a phone call to an incoming president. He was doing his duty as president by saying, ‘Hey, we’re hearing about these allegations, can you look into this because people forget it was the Ukrainian government making allegations against the Biden.’

“The president was well within his right to ask about it,” added Pierson.

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Hilton started off the Sunday evening program with this comment, in part: “So, what did the Democrats achieve last week with their impeachment rebranding and public parade of disgruntled bureaucrats? It wasn’t damaging to President Trump — as they’d planned. It actually hurt the ruling class and the Establishment, who have declared war on President Trump, because it exposed, for all to see, their snooty arrogance and contempt for democracy.”

As part of his opening comments, Hilton also mentioned that “she [House Speaker Nancy Pelosi] boasts about her fundraising prowess. Raising money is the way she clings to power.”

“Her office proudly told The New York Times earlier this year that she’s raised over $700 million since 2002. Does anyone think that money is anything other than bribes?” Hilton said.

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Hilton is a British political adviser and commentator who anchors a weekly show on Fox New; he’s a former director of strategy for David Cameron, who was prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2016.

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