GOP Does Well in Most State Elections — and Tucson, Arizona, Rejects ‘Sanctuary City’ Status

Here's a must-read Wednesday morning update that has the top news you need to know right now — with a few surprises, too

Republicans win solidly in Mississippi — and do well in almost every Kentucky race.

Democrats, however, take both houses of the Virginia legislature — and the Kentucky gubernatorial race is still too close to call as of early Wednesday morning. (The Louisiana gubernatorial runoff is November 16.)

On another note, questions are now arising as to whether or not ABC newsman and former high-level Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos killed the Jeffrey Epstein sexual misconduct story years ago on that network — all to protect the Clintons.

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And on yet another note, the city of Tucson, Arizona, soundly rejected a ballot measure that would have labeled it a sanctuary city. Democrat city officials opposed the initiative, citing the potential loss of state and federal funds.

These stories and more are the top of the news cycle this morning — and LifeZette is on them.

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Check out these details:

1.) Tuesday’s state Election Day was generally good for Republicans, as they won convincingly in Mississippi, electing Tate Reeves the new governor.

The GOP won every down ballot state race in Kentucky, electing Daniel Cameron the first GOP attorney general in over 70 years. He is the first African-American to hold the post.

However, all was not bright for the Republicans. Unpopular GOP Kentucky governor Matt Bevin was slightly behind in a race with Andy Beshear, the Democrat state attorney general, which is still too close to decide — and Dems won both houses of the Virginia legislature.

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Democrats have not controlled both the Virginia state house and state senate since the 1990s.

While the Kentucky race for governor has a national factor, it is unlikely to prove a national indicator.

The state election cycle for this year will close out on the 16th of this month, when Louisiana conservative Democrat incumbent John Bel Edwards faces a gubernatorial runoff against GOP businessman Eddie Rispone.

2.) Now, onto another story: What did George Stephanopoulos know about convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes and when did he know it?

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That’s the question on the lips of those in D.C. and New York City media circles, as serious questions have now come up due to a media sting operation conducted by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

In the video, ABC anchor Amy Robach complains that she had the Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago — including a Clinton angle to it — but that ABC News would not run it.

Eyes are now on Stephanopoulos as the Clinton loyalist who could have most easily vetoed the report to save his former bosses.

“Stephanopoulos is known to be highly influential inside ABC News, but a spokesperson told Fox News he had ‘no involvement’ in Robach’s interview,” Fox News reported.

3.) Meanwhile, voters in Tucson, Arizona — though they live in the most liberal city in the state — thought better of going deep blue.

They did not pass a ballot measure that would have made their city an official sanctuary city.

While policies are already in place that make Tucson in many ways a de facto sanctuary city, the official moniker was opposed by most local Dems because state and federal officials have made it clear such a designation would result in a loss of funds.

Stay tuned for more detail on these stories and more as the day goes on.

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