Look at This Florida County That Just Joined the Second Amendment ‘Sanctuary’ Movement

'I hope it sends a message to what can be described as the authoritarian control freaks,' said one commissioner

Taking a hint from the Left’s sanctuary city declarations among those who are anti-border control, pro-Second Amendment citizens are mobilizing to get their counties declared — yep, Second Amendment sanctuaries.

In these locales, county governments are expressing their opposition to the unconstitutional confiscation of firearms that belong to private citizens.

Commissioners in Lake County, Florida, just passed this resolution — the first county in Florida to do so.

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“This draws a line in the sand,” Commissioner Josh Blake told the Orlando Sentinel.

“It doesn’t mince words. And I hope it sends a message to what can be described as the authoritarian control freaks,” he added.

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But just as with the leftist declarations about sanctuary city status, these resolutions are mostly passed to align a county government with what it thinks is the overwhelming sentiment of the voters.

These are mere resolutions, not legislation, in other words — so in terms of law, these declarations have no teeth.

However, it’s not just the Right that is is opposed to unconstitutional firearms confiscation.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), of all people, has called gun buybacks “unconstitutional.” He declared this at a rally on Sunday.

“Mandatory buyback is essentially confiscation, which I think is unconstitutional,” said Sanders in Charles City, Iowa, as Fox News and other outlets reported. “It means that I am going to walk into your house and take something whether you like it or not. I don’t think that stands up to constitutional scrutiny.”

The Dems have a problem on their hands with guns and swing states.

Ironically, Sanders — perhaps their most leftist candidate — would not suffer so much on this issue. Why?

Because Vermont loves to hunt.

And many Democrat voters in swing states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan are also cultural conservatives who hunt.

But the leaders of the national Democratic Party and their candidates for president tend to be politically correct leftists who think that any rifle is designed for mass murder if it looks frightening to them.

So when Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) call for mandatory gun confiscation of weapons that they think are a public hazard, it tells those swing voters that prospective Dem nominees are out of touch with average citizens, even in their own party.

It seems to these voters that Democrats don’t know the difference between fully automatic rifles and martial-looking hunting rifles used for recreation. sThis plays right into GOP talking points.

This is not to mention the unintentionally comical ideas many Democrats and leftists have on gun control.

Some think you can limit rounds shot by limiting the size of clips.

Well, it’s easy to carry more than one clip.

Some think rifles labeled with the infamous and nonsensical tag “assault weapon” — that’s like calling a Big Mac an “eat food” — are in need of immediate confiscation.

As automatic rifles are already illegal, those left are legal semi-auto firing rifles that can all fire a round only as fast as the trigger is pulled.

This is no matter what they look like.

Thus, these guns are completely and utterly legal as to rate of fire. And of course, nobody in the gun control lobby likes to talk about the correlation between stringent gun control laws in Democrat-run cities like Baltimore and Chicago and the large number of murders in those cities committed with illegal yet readily available guns.

There is even a satirical meme, of course, that advises the way to reduce the lethality of an AR-15 is to “reduce the number of ARs.”

So the debate will go on well into 2020 on gun control, the Second Amendment, and related issues.

However, if the Dems want a better chance of retaking Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in 2020, they may want to rethink their hard-Left extremist views on the Second Amendment.

Is that possible? It is very unlikely, to put it mildly.

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