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First Lady Melania Trump Is Disrespected During Opioid Summit

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First lady Melania Trump on Tuesday encountered met loud boos before she delivered a speech at a Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness in the Baltimore area.

As the first lady walked on stage, the young audience began screaming and booing loudly.

Protesters tried to drown her out with noise while she gave her speech.

Jim Wahlberg, brother of actor Mark Wahlberg, gave the opening remarks and introduced the first lady.

(The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation partially sponsored the event, as Fox News [1] noted.)

Said Wahlberg, “We have a big problem in this country and we all need to step up. We need everybody. We need all hands on deck. Like the previous speaker said, this is not a white or black issue, this is not a political issue, this is not a ‘I belong to his party, or I belong to that party’ issue.”

“This is a life or death issue,” he said, “and we need everybody’s participation.”

“Now that being said, I am going to introduce somebody who has made it their personal mission to use their platform to make a difference in this particular area with wellness and addiction, and particularly the opioid crisis that we’re living through right now.”

“So ladies and gentlemen — yes, you’re young people, but you’re ladies and gentlemen — it is my pleasure to introduce to you the first lady of the United States of America.”

The first lady then took the microphone.

“Thank you for the warm introduction and for inviting me to join you today for such an important event centered on opioid awareness,” Melania Trump began as the student boos continued.

Watch the above video via NBC News.

A version of this piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com; [2] this article is used by permission.

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