CIA Informant Is Accused of Taking Illegal Cash as Impeachment Inquiry Public Hearings Begin

Big day on Capitol Hill as a TV event will be taking place

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Wednesday is going to be a big day in the nation’s capitol as Fox News reports charges are swirling that the CIA informer at the center of the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump may have been taking illegal money from anonymous sources through online fundraising.

And, as most Americans know, public testimony starts today in the impeachment inquiry taking place on Capitol Hill.

The testimony will occur in front of the House Intelligence Committee and will be run by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

Fireworks from both sides of the political aisle are almost guaranteed.

See these tweets, for example, that lay a few things on the line:

Do you support President Trump for 2020?

LifeZette will be following these top stories and more — and bringing you coverage of the proceedings today.

Let’s get to the some of the details.

As a former member of the Intel community myself, my experience tells me that taking over $227,000 for “legal defense” from about 6,000 people you don’t know through a GoFundMe page is not kosher.

You can lose a clearance and more over something like that.

It’s also in clear violation of federal statute 5 CFR 2635.203 and other federal laws.

The CIA informer did just that, Fox News is reporting, and an official complaint has been filed with the inspector general for the intelligence community. (What’s good for the goose … )

As for today’s public Intel Committee hearings, what can we expect?

We will see three witnesses: William Taylor, George Kent, and Marie Yovanovitch.

Bill Taylor was a U.S. diplomat in the Ukraine who claims he heard from others that non-State Department players were pressuring the Ukrainians on the Hunter Biden investigation.

George Kent was the deputy assistant secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs. He claims that Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, was part of the effort described by Taylor to convince those in Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

Marie Yovanovitch is the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. She believes she was ousted after Giuliani led a campaign against her because she resisted his push on the Hunter Biden affair.

We can also expect all three witnesses to have undergone — as has been the practice so far — heavy coaching by Democrat committee staff and others.

Dems, given their House majority, also get to decide on the calling of any witness. The GOP has to go to them, hat in hand, for any witnesses they want to call. The Dems already have turned down several Republican witness requests.

They seem to have backed off somewhat on the quid pro quo charge against the president, as the Ukrainians have said there were none. Democrats instead are focusing on Giuliani’s actions — and by implication, those of the president in allegedly trying to get the Ukrainians to target Hunter Biden for a probe.

The Republicans know this and will come ready for it. New committee member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) will have his ammo ready to cross-examine the three Dem witnesses and otherwise shoot big holes in the Dem-promulgated story.

As for media coverage of this event: We can fully expect most of the media to parrot any Democrat talking points and defend the witnesses against GOP questioning.

If the Republicans score points, anticipate the media will rush to condemn them as bullying witnesses — and they (the mainstream media) will have sources and talking heads standing by to vouch for the angel-like honor and integrity of the three anti-Trump diplomatic activists.

It should be an important and fascinating day.

Stay with LifeZette for our coverage and for other breaking news during the day.

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