Black Voter About Trump: Doesn’t Care About the Tweets, ‘It’s the Policies That Matter Most’

'He's doing wonderfully with the economy, with criminal justice reform,' she told MSNBC

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President Donald Trump spent some time in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, working to engage more black voters ahead of the 2020 election.

And though many people on the Left are skeptical the president can win over more black voters and African-American voters to his side for 2020 — some spoke out quite bluntly in favor of the president.

And one Georgia voter, speaking directly to MSNBC during a TV segment, said what many people think.

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It may surprise a lot of people.

“He’s doing wonderfully with economy,” said a woman identified as Kaaryn Walker during a focus group, “and with criminal justice reform.”

Do you feel safe wearing a MAGA hat?

“He’s uplifting black people.”

“So when I look at that, that’s what’s important to me.”

“His tweets, it doesn’t add a dollar to my purse,” she added.

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“It doesn’t give my son a job, it doesn’t help me purchase a home, it doesn’t get me out of debt.”

“His policies do.”

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“So if I have to look at what matters most — it’s the policies that he produces and the results,” she also said.

The president has just launched a new Black Voters for Trump Coalition — and a board member of this group appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Friday to discuss it.

He had a problem, he said, with the media’s effort to downplay Trump’s contributions to the black community, as Fox News reported.

“What the president has done and is doing for our country, for the black community, is so underrated. It gets downplayed at every turn by the liberal media,” said the man, David Harris Jr, touting the new initiative.

“They don’t want to focus on any of his successes.”

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