Joe Biden Hints at Possible VP Nominee Choices for His 2020 Ticket

At a town hall, the Democratic frontrunner suggested a handful of individuals — check out their identities and why this is troubling

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Former Vice President Joe Biden was in Iowa on Friday night for a town hall — and at the event, he identified a few prominent Democratic women whom he said might serve as his vice president if he were to get that far in the 2020 process.

He didn’t actually mention them by name.

But his descriptions of them left little to the imagination.

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Two of the people he appeared to refer to include former Assistant Attorney General Sally Yates — as well as Stacey Abrams, who lost her race for Georgia governor last year in the 2018 midterms.

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Let’s review those two individuals for a moment.

Yates was fired for insubordination.

And Abrams lost her race and behaved afterward like Hillary Clinton about her loss — bitterly and in denial.

The big question is, will the Democratic National Committee still give “Quid Pro Quo Joe” the nomination, or has the DNC gone back to the drawing board to select another nominee?

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I find it confusing that President Donald Trump is going through an impeachment inquiry for an alleged verbal quid pro quo, while Biden admitted openly during a speech and on camera to following through with a quid pro quo as former vice president.

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Yet — he is the 2020 frontrunner for his party right now.

Here’s more about the town hall story from USA Today:

At a town hall, Biden was asked who his vice presidential pick would be if he wins the Democratic nomination.

“You. Are you available?” Biden joked to the questioner, before giving a serious answer.

Biden didn’t name anyone specifically but said there are a number of people who are qualified.

“I could start naming people but the press will think that’s who I picked,” he said, before obliquely referring to several potential candidates.

His list included “the former assistant attorney general who got fired,” referring to Sally Yates; “the woman who should have been the governor of Georgia,” referring to Stacey Abrams; and “the two senators from the state of New Hampshire,” referring to U.S. Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan. (source: USA Today)

All of this points to Biden’s judgment.

Are these the most qualified people available — and can they help the party sustain and grow the base?

The answer is no.

President Donald Trump and the Republican Party are answer, in my view — thank you.

With those choices, Joe Biden just kissed millions and millions of voters goodbye.

I feel pity for the Democrats when I think that Biden is the best they may have to offer — the same way I cringed when they selected Hillary Clinton in 2016.

One of the Abrams myths is that the election was stolen from her by the enforcement of Democrat-enacted laws that require the culling of inactive voters’ names.

The problem with that is that they can’t find any voters who claim they were denied the right to vote based on any purging of their names, as I see it.

I would never vote for a presidential candidate because of the vice-presidential choice, but I’d sure vote against a candidate because of the pick.

I’d rather have Trump than the possibility of ending up with Stacy Abrams.

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