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Ben Carson Reveals the Key Moment When He Realized What a Good Man Trump Was

We all know that our America First president is a generous and kind man. President Donald Trump has a big heart and he’s always helping people.

Even before his work as president, Trump has had a generous spirit that has always been a part of who he is. That’s why before he ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016, he was such a beloved public figure.

Liberals suffering from stage five Trump Derangement Syndrome are blinded by hate and rage — so they see President Trump as an evil entity.

However, when asked specifically what he’s done to garner such hate — they are left speechless. This is because many liberals don’t think with “facts”; they go on their emotions, as I see it.

I happened upon this video of Dr. Ben Carson.

In this great video, he talks about being black and conservative and what it means to him.

He also touches on how he became a conservative — a really great story.

But the end of the video really got me.

Carson spoke about the time back in 2016, during a GOP debate, when he couldn’t hear his name called and therefore didn’t walk out on stage.

He stayed backstage while all the other candidates just breezed past him — but one person stayed with him. That was Donald Trump.

And Dr. Carson said that showed him the type of man he really was.

Here’s that moment from the debate three years ago:

I remember watching that live and thinking what a kind man Trump was to do that. It showed his character.

He’s not a sleazy politician who’s just looking out for himself.

I was really happy to stumble upon this speech from Dr. Carson about that moment. I hope you enjoy remembering back as well.

The whole speech is worth watching. It’s amazing.

But his comments about the debate moment come toward the end — around the 5:15 mark.

You can also watch this video, too.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [1] and is used by permission.

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