Apple Is Pledging $2.5 Billion to Help California’s Homeless

To ease a housing crisis in the Golden State, the tech giant also vowed to build new homes for households with low-to-moderate incomes

On the surface, Apple is doing a great thing with its latest action.

But as an American who doesn’t trust the government or these large corporations, this new act of generosity is suspect in my eyes.

Along with committing to giving California $2.5 billion to help the state with its homeless problem, Apple also appears to have included $300 million to create affordable housing on Apple-owned land.

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“Apple has committed $2.5 billion to ease California’s housing crisis, eclipsing similar pledges by fellow Silicon Valley giants Google and Facebook to address a lack of affordable housing in a region where affluent tech workers have helped drive up the cost of homes,” the Associated Press reported.

Apple’s vow on Monday also “includes a $1 billion statewide fund creating an ‘open line of credit’ to build new homes for households with low-to-moderate incomes and a $1 billion homebuyer mortgage assistance fund,” the organization also noted.

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“It’s a recognition that the San Francisco Bay Area is in a major housing crisis,” said David Shulman, a senior economist with the Anderson Forecast at the University of California, Los Angeles, as the AP also pointed out.

Shulman said the move is a good step — but might not make much difference if it’s merely creating “cheap financing” for development and down-payment relief for those “who are high enough on the income scale to be able to buy a home in the expensive region,” said the AP.

I see all of this as a band-aid on a gunshot wound.

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If the company housed every homeless person in California — a million more will show up.

The majority of the current homeless population in California are likely from outside the state.

It’s also hard to stay afloat when your state cares more about illegal immigrants than it does its own citizens.

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Then a company has to come in like this and put a bandaid on stuff, as I see it.

It’s a very temporary thing. Next year it will all be the same, but worse.

Have you noticed California already does too much in terms of low-income housing? People with nice cars are living in low-income welfare housing with satellite dishes.

What paralyzes cities is that they offer services to the homeless — then the word gets out. I think the problem could be better addressed if services were limited to local residents only.

It will be interesting to see how much of the money is left to build affordable housing after lawyers, consultants, city officials, and politicians dip into the bucket.

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