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Warren Demands Taxpayers Fund Transgender Surgery for Prisoners

Elizabeth Warren

This one strains credulity.

But then again — so much today from those on the far Left does.

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During the LGBTQ town hall in Los Angeles held by CNN on Thursday night, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) backtracked when she was asked about past comments of hers that taxpayers should not be forced to fund transgender surgeries for prison inmates.

That’s right.

Warren flip-flopped on the issue when CNN host Chris Cuomo asked her about her prior comments on this topic.

“Do you regret that?” Cuomo asked her of her past remarks.

“Yup,” Warren replied. “It was a bad answer [back then],” she said.

“I believe that everyone is entitled to medical care and medical care that they need — and that includes people who are transgender who, um — It is time for them to have [transgender] surgery. I just think that’s important,” she said.

Warren expounded on this in a Medium [4] post.

She wrote, “I will direct the Bureau of Prisons to end the Trump administration’s dangerous policy of imprisoning transgender people in facilities based on their sex assigned at birth and ensure that all facilities meet the needs of transgender people, including by providing medically necessary care, like transition-related surgeries, while incarcerated.”

Warren’s newfound opinion on this is very different from what she said in 2012.

Back then, she told local Boston radio station WTKK-FM [5] that she was not in favor of taxpayer funding for the surgeries that transgender people choose to have.

At the time, Warren was running for a Senate seat — and she had come out against a federal court order granting a convicted murderer’s request for a sex-change operation

“I have to say,” Warren said, “I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars.”

Social media users were quick to blast Warren for her switch on this issue.

Check out these messages:

Since entering the 2020 Democratic primary race, Warren has indicated to voters that she intends to go as far Left as possible on nearly every issue.

While her fellow liberals on the east and west coasts and in some American cities may go for this — level-headed Americans see right through this all of this nonsense.

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