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Trump Supporters Boo Nancy Pelosi in South Carolina

Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) traveled to “Trump Country” for a Democratic fundraising event in South Carolina — where she and her motorcade were heckled and booed by a massive line of supporters of President Donald Trump. [1]

It’s amazing to see the unity for Trump.

From Ann Coulter to Glenn Beck, people are joining together to fight Democrats, NeverTrumpers, globalists and others who are seeking to destroy their country and the middle class for their own wealth and power, in my opinion.

Flooding the streets with Trump flags, MAGA hats, and banners they waved in the wind, patriotic Americans in Greenville, South Carolina, on Friday showed Democrats that they will not stand idly by while those on the Left try to stage yet another coup against our duly elected president.

As much as Dems may say so, there is no impeachment “anything” happening right now, in my view.

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The Dems are waging a PR show.

They simply want to share their talking points with a sympathetic media — and try to use the idea of impeachment as a 2020 super PAC.

Trump has called their bluff, and is demanding they take a vote — something he knows they don’t want to do.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not rule out a vote by the full chamber on its impeachment inquiry into President Trump — but she restated her belief on Friday that none is required for it to move ahead,” as NPR noted on this issue.

Pelosi said during a trip to Atlanta this week “that she was unmoved by calls from the White House for a full vote. Trump said earlier in the day that he would send a letter to the speaker, which was expected to demand action by the full House,” NPR also noted.

“We may decide to do it, but it has nothing to do with the president saying what he’s saying,” Pelosi said to reporters, including Robert Jimison of Georgia Public Broadcasting.

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The Dems know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box — so they’ll try to beat him in Congress.

But thanks to unity and amazing patriots like those in South Carolina this week, the Dems now know that this is war and people are not going to surrender.

We’ll fight with everything we have for traditional American values and a president who has sacrificed his life and his family’s lives to save this country from their clutches.

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