Barbra Streisand Viciously Goes After President Donald Trump

The liberal entertainer, never a fan of this president, took her dislike to a new low on Saturday in a terrible tweet

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Some celebrities go too far.

They share negativity and hate on their social media channels — yet insist that compassion, tolerance and understanding are the qualities the world needs more of today.

Now, singer, actress and entertainer Barbra Streisand — always a fervent anti-Trumper — has gone after President Donald Trump with some vicious commentary online — and she likely sees nothing wrong with it.

On Saturday, sharing her opinions and views of the president along with how she feels about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Streisand tweeted out a cartoon that depicts a woman’s very high heels — including one labeled “Pelosi.”

And impaled on the black heel is a tiny cartoon figure of a bloated Trump — with what appears to be blood flowing out of his body.

Her stunt is outrageous. Never mind that the cartoon apparently has been out there — floating around since January, according to some sources.

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In some ways it’s reminiscent of the bloody Trump-face photo stunt that comedian Kathy Griffin pulled a few years ago — which backfired on her spectacularly. She lost gigs from it — lost real money.

And then the comedian whined that her ill-conceived stunt made her “unemployable and uninsurable.”

Here’s what Streisand tweeted:

Will Trump-hating liberals stop at nothing?

What is Streisand teaching America’s young people in October 2019 by sharing this image, by the way — that if you disagree with someone politically, it’s OK to show a depiction of that person’s dead body (even if done via cartoon)?

It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s policy points or positions — but some folks get far too personal and go too far, period, with their attacks.

The gruesome image is shocking in its way. But those on the Left likely will argue they have every right to their “clever” and “compelling” free speech — while they try to squelch that of others.

Streisand sent out her tweet after the president and the speaker went up against each other over various issues as Pelosi pushes for impeachment moves against Trump. At a White House meeting on Wednesday — in a widely shown image — she stood up at the table and appeared to try to scold the president by wagging her finger at him.

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“The two were set to discuss [the] administration’s position on Syria after [the House] chamber had voted to oppose his decision to pull U.S. troops out of the war-torn nation,” as Fox News noted about the encounter.

Both Trump and Pelosi tweeted out the picture with different messages.

Trump shared it to indicate that Pelosi lost her cool and couldn’t hack the tough stuff — while she appeared to use it to indicate she was unhappy with Trump’s behavior.

Streisand’s tweet, as awful as it is, is merely her latest broadside against the president.

The left-leaning Hollywood star — like so many other liberals — has attacked him almost continually since even before he was elected as the nation’s 45th president.

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Donald Trump Jr., the eldest child of the president, joined others on Saturday in calling out Streisand’s tweet, saying the outrage on the Left “only flows one way.”

And Diamond and Silk, the conservative commentators based in North Carolina, suggested the Secret Service should pay a visit to both Streisand and another vicious anti-Trumper, Tom Arnold.

“These people are not only disgusting but they are sick and [need] to be evaluated ASAP!” they wrote.

See their tweet — and share your thoughts.

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