After Probe into Hillary Clinton’s Emails, 38 People Could Face Charges

The former government official needs to be held accountable, period

The State Department has finally finished its three-year-plus investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email issue — and says 38 current and former officials could face criminal charges, according to the Associated Press on Friday and as quoted by other news organizations.

The rules state that if someone sends you classified information incorrectly, you must report it — or you are considered just as guilty as the person who sent it.

I know this as someone who had government security clearance when I was in the military.

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Everyone needs to be held accountable.

As long as Hillary Clinton still walks around as free as a bird, we cannot have true faith in our justice system.

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When former FBI Director Jim Comey changed official reports about Clinton’s actions to say “extremely careless” when they originally said “gross negligence” — thus getting her off the hook — that was a violation of the law, in my view.

The former secretary of State and all of the swamp monsters who ran defense for her need to be in front of a judge, right now, and face the music, in my opinion.

And think about this. While she was head of the State Department, she clearly peddled in classified information, completely under the radar.

If President Donald Trump had been caught doing that — well, we know what the outcome would have been.

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“The department determined that those 38 people were ‘culpable’ in 91 cases of sending classified information in messages that ended up in Clinton’s personal email,” AP also reported.

“The 38 are current and former State Department officials but were not identified in the report that was sent to Congress this week.”

“The investigation covered 33,000 emails that Clinton turned over for review after her use of the private email account became public. The department said it found a total of 588 violations involving information then or now deemed to be classified, but could not assign fault in 497 cases.”

So let me get this straight.

My boss tells me to email her at such-and-such address, and I am employed at her whim — so I do so. She violates federal guidelines by having this mail go to an unsecured mail server. She gets a little bad press and no charges — but I get a write-up in my file. Is that what passes for fair in the federal government these days?

Let’s look at that again. The department determined that those 38 people were “culpable” in 91 cases of sending classified information in messages that ended up in Clinton’s email.

So they were found culpable — but the person to whom they sent the emails and who stored the emails isn’t?

If they are guilty, how is Hillary Clinton not guilty?

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“The Justice Department’s inspector general said FBI specialists did not find evidence that the server had been hacked, with one forensics agent saying he felt ‘fairly confident that there wasn’t an intrusion,'” the report from AP also said.

How did the FBI come to this conclusion when — according to reports at the time — she deleted everything and used BleachBit on the server before the FBI ever got a look at it?

Was that whole story just another Russian hoax or a “right-wing conspiracy theory”?

(It’s interesting to me that Hillary Clinton is now calling other people a Russian asset, including Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) …)

Pro-Hillary folks keep clinging to the previous investigation into her email scandal and claim that she was found not guilty. They are just pretending that Comey didn’t get her off the hook — and want us to believe it was a legitimate investigation.

But when people like Comey reword reports to get her off the hook and her staff all get immunity while they testify behind closed doors, it’s a little difficult to call that investigation credible. It looked more like a show for public consumption more than it looked like a real investigation.

Reveal the names, make the case, charge them for their crimes.

Enough of this “get out of jail free” stuff. I would be in jail already for doing much less than these people.

It is past time for people to do their jobs on this case.

A version of this piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com; this article is used by permission.

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