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Rosie O’Donnell Kills Her ‘Trump Impeachment’ Poll on Twitter After It Backfires

Rosie O'Donnell

Poor Rosie O’Donnell.

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All she wanted to do was celebrate “Trump impeachment” with a poll that showed Twitter and the world how excited everyone was to impeach our America First president.

But in the end, her dreams were shattered when the poll backfired — and she was forced to remove it.

O’Donnell, long a Trump hater, [2] made a prediction at the beginning of this year that President Donald Trump would not seek re-election because he would be in jail by then. Ha!

O’Donnell said, “I believe in America and I believe in our political system, and I believe we will right the wrong of the tyranny of Donald Trump.”

She also said Trump’s proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border would never be built.

Well, the wall is currently being built — so, as this writer sees it, that’s “strike two,” Rosie.

You can watch that video below:

Sadly, the anti-Trump “comedian” has nothing to laugh about today.

That’s because a whopping 272,582 people voted in her “Should Trump Be Impeached” poll — and the results were a resounding “NO.”

O’Donnell asked the question, “Should trump be impeached?” and offered two choices: “Hell yes” and “Hell no.”

“Hell Yes” earned 42 percent of the vote — while “Hell No” earned 58 percent.


After the poll was over, Rosie wasted no time in deleting it from Twitter.

That’s right — it can’t be found now.

It’s actually ironic: O’Donnell’s poll numbers closely resemble how Americans feel overall about impeachment.

The latest Monmouth poll found 62 percent of Americans oppose impeachment.

Yet Democrats are pushing forward with their inquiry.

Rosie’s disastrous poll reminds us of another recent poll flop — by anti-Trumper Donna Brazile, now a contributor to Fox News.

At least she didn’t delete her poll.

A version of this piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com; [5] this article is used by permission.

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