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President Donald Trump Puts Chris Wallace in His Place on Twitter

The Fox News “war” between President Donald Trump and the cable news giant appears to show no signs of slowing down.

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This is true, in my opinion, even after the departure of Trump-hater Shepard Smith, who left the network abruptly [1] after an on-air feud with big-ratings grabber Tucker Carlson, according to reports.

President Trump has been very critical of Fox News lately and for what many have seen as the not-so-subtle “left turn” the network has taken in many respects (not all).

Anti-Trump pundits and hosts like Judge Andrew Napolitano and Chris Wallace have unfairly misrepresented the phone call between President Trump and the Ukraine president, in my view — and portrayed it as a “criminal” or “impeachable” act.

You can watch Tucker Carlson address Judge Nap’s theory on the Trump/Ukraine call in the video below:

Wallace, who presents himself as bipartisan, is anything but, as I see it.

Wallace frequently injects his personal opinion and presents emotions as if they are “factual” during his “Fox News Sunday” show.

That’s precisely what happened again this past Sunday.

Once again Wallace railed against Trump by framing the conversation the president had on July 25 with Ukraine’s president as if it were somehow sinister.

President Trump took to Twitter and corrected Wallace.

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He reminded him that he will never be his father, Mike Wallace, who was President Trump’s friend — and reminded Wallace once again that his call was perfectly professional.

After all, if it wasn’t, why would Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) have to make up a “fantasy call” and present it as real [2]?

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