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Meghan McCain Accuses Joy Behar of Spreading ‘Fake News’ About the Economy


Is this why people tune into “The View” on ABC — for the open, in-your-face feuding?

The latest encounter between two of the co-hosts certainly didn’t disappoint many people, that is for sure.

On Friday morning during the show, Meghan McCain (shown above right) actually accused her own co-host, Joy Behar (above left) [1], of spreading “fake news.”

Behar had asserted the American economy is slowing down and by implication, blamed President Donald Trump for that issue — and McCain called her out for her incorrect statements.

In actuality and as widely reported on Friday morning, the U.S. economy [2] added 136,000 jobs in September, as the Washington Examiner and many other outlets noted.

And the unemployment rate hit a new 50-year low at 3.5 percent, according to federal data released Friday.

The number of new jobs fell short of the 145,000 jobs that the Labor Department had expected to be created — but the steady and low unemployment numbers indicate a strong American economy.

The unemployment number is now at the lowest point since 1969, as CNN [3] and other outlets pointed out. That 50-year low is astounding.

“They might want — the media needs to stop doing Trump 24/7 and start talking about the fact that the economy is really slowing down,” asserted Behar — for her own political reasons, of course. [1]

“Jobs are slowing down,” she said. “The farmers are in trouble. Manufacturing is taking a dive.”

But McCain pushed back immediately on that.

“The economy is not slowing down,” she said to Behar.

“Yeah, it is. The Dow dropped 800 points in two days,” Behar shot back.

“The economy is not slowing down. That’s part of the problem,” McCain argued in return. “I mean —”

“That’s just fake news that the economy is slowing down. It’s just fake news. It’s part of the paradigm of why his [Trump’s] base is still standing with him,” added McCain.

Watch the video of their spirited exchange — and right below that, see some tweets.

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