Leftists Mock Melania Trump Even When There’s Nothing to Mock Her for — Here’s the Latest Example

Too many people who don't agree with the president go after our first lady for their own political reasons

One would think they’d get tired of this.

One would think they’d get tired of putting down the first lady of the United States when there is so much else they could be reporting on, or writing about, or analyzing, or sharing — in the best interests of the American people.

Instead, there are too many people on the Left who seem to take some sort of weird pleasure in criticizing America’s gracious, smart, elegant and hardworking first lady.

They’re doing this simply because she exists and is married to President Donald Trump, someone whose policies and even personality they don’t agree with or like very much at all.

They have, in fact, made a practice of slamming him and anyone close to him since even before he was elected.

The latest example is a piece of writing in Vanity Fair that slams Melania Trump even for things she hasn’t done — and even for her good work.

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Check out a sample of the writing here: “As Melania broke ground on her tennis pavilion, video surfaced of bulldozers plowing down protected cacti in service of her husband’s border wall.”

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“While she talked toxic vapes” — the first lady is strongly against vaping as she works to promote the best health practices for American young people — “he mystifyingly yelled about how ‘only 25 percent’ of citizens want him impeached,” the Vanity Fair piece continued, in part.

“The White House announced it would not comply with the House impeachment inquiry,” the piece went on.

“Esquire published an excerpt from ‘All the President’s Women’ that points to 26 more women who have accused the now-president of alleged inappropriate sexual contact, including some incredibly bizarre groping tactics at Mar-a-Lago,” the publication droned on.

“The more disturbing the news produced by or about her husband gets,” it also wrote, “the more pleasant and anodyne the first lady’s fight for children living nice and good lives becomes.”

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“It’s a real balancing act, an equal marriage of opposites on a surreal scale, casting each other in eerie relief,” the publication added.

This type of snide and snarky commentary only shows the bias of those on the Left.

It plays to their base, to their readers, to their fellow liberals, to their fellow anti-Trumpers — even when Melania Trump has done nothing worthy of a smear campaign.

Sure, the piece admitted early on, Melania Trump is right to be concerned about the vaping practices by young people as someone who is concerned about children’s health and their ability to “Be Best” in all they do.

“It is great. We do need to be proactive. Vaping is extremely silly, and it’s extremely serious. Melania Trump is not wrong,” the piece noted.

But in this sort of commentary, one can always sense the “but” coming along or ever-present behind the scenes — the rebuttal, the putdown, the critiquing tone for any move Melania Trump makes.

And this type of writing and commentary hardly comes close to the over-the-top praise and near-deification that Michelle Obama received for almost anything and everything she did during her husband’s White House years.

And where, by the way, is the critical commentary about the walls the Obamas put up around their expensive homes? Where’s the criticism of that? Where’s the criticism of all the money they’re raking in from entertainment deals, from speeches, from events, from books?

Imagine if Melania Trump did any of that?

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There’d be a column a day going after her for that.

And none of these folks would say, “It is great … Melania Trump is not wrong.”

See this tweet with more information — and share your thoughts.

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